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College of Physical Education
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College of Physical Education

College of Physical Education consists of three departments: physical education department, public sports department and competition training department. All of these three departments are responsible for the physical education for major students and other students at school, the construction of high level sports teams and other mass sports work.

College has master's degree granting rights. Besides, physical education is its primary discipline while the discipline of human body kinetic science is not only the key research base of humanities and social science in Shanxi province but enjoys the major support of our province.

Among 85 strong faculty, 77 are full-time teachers and researchers, including 33 professors and associate professors, 5 of them are doctors, 45 masters and 12 master tutors. There are advanced experts who enjoy the state subsidies, provincial prestigious teacher, national athletes, FIFA referee technical lecturer and famous coaches from AFC. Currently, the number of full-time undergraduate student is 605, while that of graduate students is 60. College has won the second prize for national teaching achievement once; the first prize for Shanxi province teaching achievement twice, second prize four times; the Shanxi scientific and technical progress award once. In recent years, it has hosted more than 100 research topics of provincial and ministerial level and published over 100 papers on core journals.

In addition, discipline construction and scientific research has effectively supported the improvement of athletic level which made TYUT the China’s sports powerhouse in name and in fact. The men’s school basketball team of TYUT is the only one in the country that has got into the top eight of all the 17 CUBA League National quarter-finals and has won the national champion in the 12th and 14th CUBA finals. The men’s football team and women’s basketball team has won the second prize in national competition and women’s volley ball team has won the third prize.

Physical Education

Cultivation Goals:master the ability to occupy in the physical education, extracurricular sports activities, sports training and competition and carry out sports science research, sports management and public fitness activities, among other professional work of sports industry. Besides, training for professional referees and social sports instructors are also included in the education program.

Cultivation Requirements:good scientific quality and sound humanistic quality; master the basic theory and basic knowledge needed to carry out school physical education; master the basic skills of related sports; master the ability to design and organize physical training, plan and make relevant documents; master the ability to organize and manage sports competition at all levels and accomplish relevant work as referee and sports instructor; gain the certificate of social sports instructor and the certificate of national level two referee.

Major Courses: sports psychology, educational psychology, pedagogy, health education, sports science research, sports anatomy, sports physiology, overview of sports, sports sociology, school physical education, track and field, gymnastics, martial arts and all kinds of sports balls etc.

Main Practice Teaching Links:military training, computer practice, teaching practice, education internship, graduation design (thesis), innovation and entrepreneurship practice, self-practice, level referee and training of social sports instructor.

Degree To Be Granted : Bachelor of Education.

Study Duration: four years.


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