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College of Textile Engineering
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College of Textile Engineering


The existing disciplines of resources in Taiyuan University of Technology Institute of Textile Engineering include engineering and art of textile science and engineering, art designing (clothing and apparel design) two first-class disciplines, with materials, engineering, art, fashion, which form the distinctive characteristics the textile material - textile engineering - textile design - clothing engineering - clothing design - clothing performance one - stop teaching and research base. College has "functional materials" doctoral degree, "textile materials and textile design" master's degree and "art designing" (clothing and apparel design direction) master's degree. Textile materials and textile design" are the focus of the construction disciplines in Shanxi Province.

More than 50 existing teachers, 800 undergraduates, 30 graduate students, and more than 20 professors, associate professors and other senior professionals, set up the textile engineering, clothing design and two engineering undergraduate professionals and clothing and clothing Designing (including design and performance) an undergraduate professional art. Under the college, there are Textile department, Clothing, experimental center, Institute of Textile Engineering and clothing and apparel research and display center. It has industry-leading, full-featured textile materials and textile testing, functional fiber research, textile design, textile and garment CAD, garment craft production laboratory, and digital art fabric design studio, apparel accessories design studio, clothing performance hall, physical training Room design studio and other types of experiments, 28 training venues; and it owned the "National Design Art Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center" with Art College and founded the college students innovation and entrepreneurship base, the "letter of this creative garden".

College adheres to the development of students as the center and the implementation of wide caliber thick foundation of the training model, strengthens the practice of teaching and innovative creative entrepreneurship education, and vigorously enhances the quality of undergraduate training; Meanwhile, it focuses on cooperation with the enterprise industry, establishes a good relationship of cooperation with the textile enterprises, textile industry associations, clothing Enterprises and clothing associations and a deep relationship of cooperation with Beijing Oriental Bentley Cultural Media Ltd and other high-end model brokerage firms; it actively carries out international cooperation and exchange with the British University of Manchester, which sets up the co-cultivation of textile engineering among undergraduate Students (2 + 2) and master graduate students (4 + 1).

College actively develops the science research and academic activities, undertakes and participates in the completion of the national level, provincial and ministerial level, horizontal cooperation basic research, more than 40 applied research and industrial development projects. And the college published more than 340 academic papers, won the second prize of national technology invention, 3 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards, more than 40 authorized patents, 6 published works (textbooks) . Teachers and students in the Clothing Department have won a number of domestic and international design and performance awards.

Textile Engineering

Cultivation Goals: The professionals are trained as the composite senior engineering and technical personnel with textile engineering knowledge and the ability to engage in the textile craft design, textile design and development, the design, research and development of the functional fiber and functional textile, textile trade and inspection, textile enterprise management, the quality control of the textile production, production technology Transformation, textile dyeing and finishing process design and other aspects of the work.

Cultivation Requirements:The students should master the basic theory of fiber and textile materials, with the practical operation of the textile testing capabilities; master the textile production and processing technology of the spinning, weaving, knitting, non-woven fabrics, having practical ability; master the basic skills in the textile design, with design practical ability; master the basic theory and production technology in the textile chemistry and dyeing and finishing; training students having strong comprehensive abilities in the textile production, design and development, trade, testing, management and other aspects.

Major Courses: chemical fiber production technology, textile materials science, spinning, weaving technology, knitting technology, fabric structure and design, textile dyeing and finishing technology, nonwoven, fiber material modification, textile composites, new textile technology, textile chemistry, textile design, textile CAD and application, textile product development, textile performance and testing, textile professional foreign language, textile marketing, textile enterprise management.

Main Practice Teaching Links: entrance education, military training, metalworking, drawing survey and drawing course design, spinning process practice, weaving process practice, textile art basic course design, fabric design and sample weaving, spinning course design, knitting course design, textile engineering graduation practice, textile engineering graduation design papers.

Degree To Be Granted : Bachelor of Engineering.

Study Duration: four years.

Fashion Design and Engineering

Cultivation Goals:The professionals are trained with the abilities of clothing style design, structural design, process design, clothing management theory and practice, being engaged in clothing products development, marketing, management, clothing theory research and publicity in the clothing production and sales enterprises, clothing research units, clothing industry administration and press institutions and other departments.

Cultivation Requirements:The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of clothing disciplines, accept the basic training in clothing design methods and apparel construction and the technical aspect, and have the basic capabilities to engage in the clothing theory research, design, production management and marketing.

Major Courses:clothing materials science, clothing design, clothing pattern design, clothing sewing process, knitted garment design, clothing display design, clothing brand planning, three-dimensional cutting, clothing CAD, clothing photography, clothing history and clothing aesthetics, clothing production management, clothing marketing, clothing foreign trade, clothing effect picture, recreation of clothing textile, foreign language of clothing.

Main Practice Teaching Links: entrance education, military training, computer training, mental health education, innovation and entrepreneurship, curriculum design, clothing market research, garment production practice, clothing design and engineering graduate practice, clothing design and engineering graduate design and papers.

Degree To Be Granted : Bachelor of Engineering.

Study Duration: four years.

Clothing and Costume Design

Cultivation Goals:The senior professionals are trained to engage in apparel and accessories design and planning and fashion research direction, have strong design creativity and hands-on production capacity and strong market design awareness and market competitiveness, master the basic operational knowledge of clothing enterprises and clothing market, grasp the basic methods of fashion trend and popular prediction, and be able to engage in design, research, teaching, management and other aspects of the work the field of fashion design and applied research areas and art design agencies.

Cultivation Requirements:The students should be able to master the basic theory of clothing and clothing design, basic professional knowledge and basic professional skills, to understand the concept of clothing and clothing design and master the design method, and know the whole process from the inspiration to the performance and painting to modeling. The clothing and apparel design and the professional skills and methods of art creation should be mastered and the ability to practice independently should be possessed; Understanding the domestic and international status and development trends of the clothing and apparel design; Understanding the country's policies and regulations about cultural and artistic institutions and cultural creative industries, and the dynamic and trend of the markets; Initially hold the method of the literature searches, data query and have the primary research ability.

Major Courses:clothing design module, accessories design module, fashion painting, three-dimensional cutting, dress color pattern design, apparel structure design, sewing technology, clothing accessories design, a brief history of Chinese clothing, a brief history of foreign clothing, computer-aided clothing design.

Main Practice Teaching Links: computer training, clothing and apparel design curriculum design, graduation practice, graduation tour, professional inspection, graduation design, graduation exhibition.

Degree To Be Granted : Bachelor of Arts

Study Duration: four years.

Clothing and Costume Design (Clothing Design and Performance Direction)

Cultivation Goals: The professionals are trained as the senior general talents with clothing performances, image design, marketing theoretical knowledge and practical ability, being engaged in performances, art design, marketing, teaching and other aspects of the work in the clothing show, image design and other enterprise and public institutions.

Cultivation Requirements:The professional students mainly study the basic theory and knowledge of clothing performance and clothing disciplines, being comprehensive training by the fashion models; Hold a wide range of basic knowledge of art and science and technology and comprehensive knowledge various disciplines; Master the methods of clothing art modeling, structure, and process design, with a strong combination characteristics of art and technology; Be able to skillfully use the computer for garment-aided design; Have the clothing market forecasting, marketing guidance and identification ability.

Major Courses: clothing performance module, image design module, fashion painting, three-dimensional cutting, physical training, music and dance, integrated composition, garment sculpt design, clothing structure design, clothing pattern and technology, clothing marketing, clothing history of Chinese and foreign, computer aided costume design.

Main Practice Teaching Links:computer training, clothing and apparel design curriculum design, graduation practice, graduation tour, graduation design, professional inspection, graduation exhibition.

Degree To Be Granted : Bachelor of Arts.

Study Duration: four years.


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