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College of Architecture
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College of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Time-honored College of Architecture and Civil Engineering dates back to as early as 1902 when its origin, Department of Civil Engineering of Western Academy of former Shanxi University was founded. The past century and more have witnessed its leapfrog progress in discipline building. The College now is home to 130 teaching staff including 87 full-time teachers42 full and associate professors, 40 lectures, 13 doctoral supervisors, 43 master supervisors and 24 experimental staff.

The College comprises Departments of Architecture and Civil Engineering with three undergraduate majors, namely Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning and Civil Engineering, which consists of four specialized domains including Architecture Engineering, Road and Bridge Engineering, Geotechnical and Underground Engineering and Railway Engineering.

The institution has the right to grant bachelor’s degrees of architecture, urban and rural planning, landscape gardening and civil engineering as first-level disciplines, doctoral degrees of geotechnical engineering and structural engineering as second-level disciplines and bachelor’s degree of engineering on architecture and civil engineering. Post-doctoral research stations on civil engineering have been established. Its geotechnical engineering, structural engineering earthquake prevention and relief and protective engineering serve as key disciplines of Shanxi province.


Cultivation Goals: To cultivate the senior engineering and technical personnel in architectural design, urban community space design, indoor and outdoor environmental design and research, real estate development and management.

Cultivation Requirements: The major is a comprehensive discipline which is associated with science, engineering, culture, arts, so it has the features of the combination between technology and art, science and technology and human. Require students to have broad knowledge, and strong capability in image thinking. This course mainly teach the basic theories and professional knowledge about architectural design, urban planning, indoor and outdoor environmental design, and do architectural design practice in order to cultivate the ability of project planning, architectural design, urban planning and interior design and to help the students to have the quality of registering architects.

Major Courses:architectural design basic series, descriptive geometry and shadow perspective, architectural mechanics, architectural structure, architectural physics, Chinese architecture history, foreign architecture history, architectural design, quick performance, rapid design, watercolor rendering, computer aided design, architectural construction , architectural design series, building technology and equipment.

Main Practice Teaching Links: military training, architectural knowledge practice, sketch, color painting, ancient building surveying and mapping practice, production practice, architect business practice, curriculum design, and graduation design (thesis) and so on.

Degree To Be Granted :Bachelor of Architecture.

Study Duration: five years.

Town and Country Planning

Cultivation Goals: To cultivate the applied talents in urban and rural plan and landscape architecture plan with innovative spirits and can adapt to the development needs of the new century.

Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge of urban and rural planning, urban design and landscape planning, and they can engage in urban and rural planning management in the sector of urban and rural planning and design and real estate development, carry out urban road traffic planning, urban municipal engineering planning , garden system planning, and participate related laws and regulations in urban social and economic development planning, regional planning, urban development, real estate planning.

Cultivation Requirements: The students mainly study the theory and methods of urban and rural planning, master the theory of architectural design and general methods of technology, grasp the basic theory of urban and rural planning, methods and techniques. To understand the basic knowledge of urban and rural planning and management and urban economics, urban sociology, urban geography and other urban and rural planning and social science, and also the process of urban and rural planning to mobilize the organization of public participation.

Main Disciplines: urban planning, landscape architecture.

Major Courses:urban planning and design principles, urban planning and design, town planning and design, urban design, urban traffic, urban geography, urban economics, urban engineering, urban planning administration and urban planning regulations, regional planning, residential area planning and design, landscape environment design, historical and cultural settlement protection planning.

Main Practice Teaching Links: military training, architectural knowledge practice, sketch, color painting practice, production practice, social practice, curriculum design, graduation practice, graduation design (thesis) and so on.

Degree To Be Granted :Bachelor of Engineering.

Study Duration: five years.

Civil Engineering

Cultivation Goals:We are committed to cultivating competitive professionals who excel in morality, intelligence, physics and aesthetics as robust drivers of socialist modernization endeavor. Our students, with a good mastery of fundamentals on civil engineering, are qualified for posts requiring various engineering technologies and managerial expertise regarding housing and construction, roads, bridges, tunnels and railways through basic training for engineers. They are future-oriented specialists that harbor sophisticated fundamental theories, extensive expertise, and competitive practice and innovation capacities with a global vision.

Cultivation Requirements: Students need to master basic know-how of nature science with a sound understanding of the disciplinary prospects. It’s imperative for our students to master basic theories of engineering mechanics, fluid mechanics and soil mechanics alongside fundamental knowhow of engineering measuring, engineering material, structural analysis and design and ground foundation engineering. Students need to be familiar with basic skills in terms of engineering experiment, construction technology and engineering management and equipped with capacity to access documents and information via a variety of means (including foreign language). It’s critical for them to foster capability for engineering design, experiments, construction organization and management along with scientific research.

Major Courses: theoretical mechanics, material mechanics, structural mechanics, soil mechanics, fluid mechanics, computer fundamentals, computer language and program, computer-aided Design,civil engineering material, surveying, engineering drafting, housing architecture, foundation engineering, concrete structure, masonry structure, steel structure, road route survey and design, road structure, bridge engineering, earthquake-resistant design of structure, construction technology and organization, construction economy and management and other relevant specialized courses.

Main Practice Teaching Links:cognition practice, surveying practice, production practice, graduation field work, curriculum design of housing architecture, concrete structure, steel structure, civil engineering construction, basic engineering, bridge engineering and road structure, road route survey and design, experiments on mechanics, civil engineering material and structure, geotechnical test and graduation design(thesis).

Degree To Be Granted : Bachelor of Engineering

Study Duration: four years

Road Bridge and Crossing River Project

Cultivation Goals: To cultivate the senior specialized personnel with international vision, who can meet the needs of socialist modernization, complete the comprehensive development in moral, intelligent, physical and arts, master the basic principles and major knowledge of road and bridge and crossing river engineering, and after the basic training of engineers, are capable of manage the work in roads, bridges and crossing river engineering, and should have the solid foundation of theory, broad professional knowledge, strong practical ability, innovation ability and the ability to solve complex engineering problems.

Cultivation Requirements: Require students to have humanities and social science literacy, strong social responsibility, and master the natural sciences and professional basic knowledge in solving the complex problems in road and bridge and crossing the river. They need to understand the professional frontier development status and trends. As for the difficult engineering design, they could use appropriate technology, resources, modern engineering tools and information technology tools, and could understand and evaluate the impact of complex engineering problems to environmental issues on environmental and social sustainable development. They should have effective communication with social public and have the international vision, master engineering management principles and economic decision-making methods, with teamwork, self-learning, lifelong learning and innovation awareness.

Major Courses: theoretical mechanics, material mechanics, structural mechanics, elastic mechanics, soil mechanics and soil mechanics, road construction materials, painting geometric and engineering drawings, engineering surveying, computer software applications, hydraulics and bridge hydrology, structural design principles, engineering, road survey and design, roadbed pavement engineering, bridge engineering, tunnel engineering, construction organization and budget and related major professional courses.

Main Practice Teaching Links: military training, measurement practice, geological practice, knowledge practice, production practice, graduation practice, basic engineering design, bridge engineering course design, road route survey and design, roadbed pavement course design, structural design principles curriculum design, retaining wall design , Construction organization and budget curriculum design, graduation design (thesis) and so on.

Degree To Be Granted : Bachelor of Engineering

Study Duration: four years


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