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College of Politics and Law
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College of Politics and Law

College of Political Science and Law, founded in May of 2010, has 45 teaching staff composed of five full professors, 11 associate professors, 22 doctors(doctoral candidates included), 11 master supervisors, four visiting professors from home and abroad, two New Century Talents accredited by Ministry of Education, one Top Talent of Higher Education, two Young Academic Leaders, one New Century Academic and Technology Pioneer of “333”Program(a key national program to cultivate 30 internationally pioneering talents, 300 provincially pioneering talents and 3000 citywide pioneering talents), two “131”Program(a program to cultivate 1000 talents on innovation and entrepreneurship, 3000 academic leaders and 10000 professional elites) Pioneers in Shanxi province. The College has set up professional master programs on public administration and undergraduate majors of law and administration with 594 students including 566 undergraduates, 26 graduates, and 220 law students who take double degrees.

The College continues to deepen education reforms, optimize talent empowerment programs and enhance cultivation quality so that the passing rate of its law students in China Judicial Exam is above national average. Over a quarter of the students who pursue graduate study get enrolled into Peking University, Tsinghua University, Rennin University of China, Nankai University, China University of Political Science and Law and other elite institutions. Students’ employment rate surpasses 95%.

The institution vigorously introduces competitive talents and gives high priority to research and study with prominent breakthroughs in scientific innovation. In recently three years, the faculty has consecutively played a pioneering role in two National Nature Science Fund Programs, two National Human Science Fund Programs, three Human and Social Science Programs backed by Ministry of Education and a dozen of provincial research programs and horizontal programs. Hundreds of its papers have been published in Social Sciences in China, Science & Technology Progress and Policy, Environmental Earth Sciences and other nationally or globally eminent journals. Its papers have been fully reprinted in journals such as China Social Science Digest and Xinhua Digest. Over 10 academic monographs have been rolled out. The researchers has won Outstanding Achievements in Social Science, first and second prizes of A Hundred of Outstanding Academic Papers, Teaching Capacity Competition of Young and Middle-aged Teachers and first prize of Wonderful Class Award in Shanxi province.

The renowned instructors occupy key positions in multiple provincial academic associations and boast close cooperation with party and government offices, business community and media outlets alongside its reputed social service.

The College has been crowned as Civilized and Harmonious Entity, Advanced Entity on Social Management and Comprehensive Governance, Advanced Grass-Root Party Organ, Five-Star Party Committee and Five-Star Labor Union in the university.it has scored extraordinary achievements in university sports meetings and other key cultural or sports events.

The year 2015 marked major upgrading where human science research and education center have been integrated into the school and thus an even more enabling platform for discipline building has come into being, representing fresh opportunities. Persistent and ambitious, each and every teacher and student who leverages on the school motto of “staying pragmatic and innovative “remain committed to the vision of “mastering political science and law, pursuing moral excellence and enlightenment “to build a top-flight institute with distinctive features.


Cultivation Goals:We’re dedicated to cultivating students who can accommodate the demand of socialist construction with Chinese characteristics and all-round advances in rule of law with great literacy in Marxism theories, modern scientific spirit and law-based philosophy. The multi-disciplinary talents with cutting-edge expertise, extensive know-how, and a broad horizon are qualified for legal practice in political and legal organs and other bodies after graduation.

Cultivation Requirements:Students are required to have a systematic understanding of law fundamentals, China’s laws, regulations and relevant policies and update themselves on latest legal theories domestically and internationally. It’s pivotal for them to have state-of-the-art proficiency and lawful consciousness with outstanding application of law strategies and kills. A decent mastery of foreign language and computer science in addition to competitive written and oral expressive capacity is a must if they are to resolve challenges in legal practice with all-round capabilities.

Major Courses: jurisprudence, legal history of China, constitution, administrative law and administrative procedure law, civil law, commercial law, law on intellectual property, economic law, criminal law, civil procedure law, criminal procedure law, international law, international private law, international economic law, law on resources and environmental, law on labor and social security.

Main Practice Teaching Links: cognition practice, law consultation, social survey, topic debate, trial simulation, debate on controversial cases, graduation field work, graduation design (thesis)

Degree To Be Granted : Bachelor of Law

Study Duration: four years.

Administrative Management

Cultivation Goals: We’re devoted to cultivating students who can accommodate China’s socialist building with Chinese characteristics and comprehensively deepened reforms with decent literacy in Marxist theories and a great sense of social responsibility. The professionals are adequate for teaching and research on public administration and administration of public services.

Cultivation Requirements:The students need to master the basic theory and research methods of administration, understand the theoretical frontier and trends of domestic and foreign administration. They, with a remarkable mastery of office automation, foreign language, document writing and other skills, can proficiently utilize administrative theories and research, public policy analysis, and social survey and statistical methods. The talents are equipped with sound literacy in management, communication, coordination, survey and research, organization and enforcement, which is fundamental for professionals in the arena.

Major Courses:public administration, principles of political science, management, organizational behavior, contemporary Chinese government and politics, public economics, administrative law and administrative procedure law, municipal administration, public policy, leadership theory and practice, human resource development and management, civil service system in China and office management.

Main Practice Teaching Links:cognition internship, office automation practice, investigation report, case study report, graduation field work, graduation design (thesis).

Degree To Be Granted : Bachelor of Management

Study Duration: four years.


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