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College of Software
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College of Software

Evolving from the College of Computer and Software at Taiyuan University of Technology (TYUT), the Software College at TYUT is fortressed by the strong faculty team and advantageous teaching and research facilities of the College of Computer Science and Technology at TYUT. It has the authority to confer doctoral degrees in tier-2 disciplines of Computer Application Technology, and master’s degrees in tier-1 disciplines of Computer Science and Technology and Software Engineering, and (engineering) master’s degrees in the fields of Computer Technology and Software Engineering. Its undergraduate program offerings date back to the Electronic Computer Program in 1958, turning into the Computer Software Program in 1994 which was then integrated with the Computer Applications Program to become the Computer Science and Technology Program in 1998. Finally, the Software Engineering Program came into existence and began enrolling students after being approved of Ministry of Education in 2004.

After several years of experiment and practice, the College has accumulated rich experience, improved the cultivation plan, forged a strong faculty team, and set up training bases in the training of software professionals, thus ensuring the quality of training. The College has made tremendous efforts in order to achieve the leapfrog development in the training of software personnel, as well as align better with the national needs of implementing industrial restructuring with priority given to developing information industry and taking the software industry as a new growth area in economic development. In particular, it has highlighted the software engineering practice and practicum, strengthened university-enterprise cooperation and adopted the new "3+1" and "2.5+0.5+1" models to cultivate students so as to meet the urgent needs for software professionals spurred by the development of software industry. The Software College at TYUT was founded in 2010, and enrolls Shanxi students in its Software Engineering Program. Based on the areas in serious shortage of IT talents and the College’s advantageous disciplines, the College offers programs with disparate concentrations in Software Design and Development, Embedded Software Technology, E-commerce, Network Engineering and Application, and Mobile Internet Development, etc., which fully serves the needs of students’ various academic and career pursuits. Currently, the Software Engineering Program offered by the Software College at TYUT houses 3968 undergraduates.

In echoing the policy requirements of Ministry of Education to deepen university-enterprise cooperation, TYUT joined hands with China Soft International Co., Ltd., Qingdao Software Park and other well-known domestic software enterprises in 2012 to forge strong cooperation, with each bringing their best to the table. Taking into consideration the industry's most cutting-edge technology and enterprises' most-up-to-date talent needs, the College has made innovative explorations in terms of the cultivation model, curriculum, teaching materials and practicum in software talent training. The new "3+1" and "2.5+0.5+1" models are adopted to cultivate professionals in international software engineering technology and management. TYUT has fully leveraged its own rich experience in talent cultivation, along with the abundant industry experience and employment channels of China Soft International Co., Ltd., and Qingdao Software Park and other enterprises to improve students' knowledge, skills and employability.

Software Engineering

Cultivation Goals: To cultivate the personnel with comprehensive quality, excellent professional ethics, knowledge and ability of the overall development of quality, with a solid computer software and software engineering basic theory and professional knowledge, with good thinking ability to think, strong practical ability, innovation and social responsibility, with good software design and programming, project specification management, communication and organization and coordination ability, with hope to become a superior engineer with the potential of practical, complex software engineering and management. After graduation, they can enter large-scale well-known companies or various private enterprises, engaged in software project system analysis, design, development, testing and software project management and other aspects of the work, or into the government, enterprises and institutions engaged in software-related technology, management and service work, Over the years the employment rate can reach 95% or more. After graduation, they can also be admitted to the famous universities or research institutions at home and abroad to further study for a master's degree, doctoral degree, and only in 2016 years the number of students of this was up to 150 people.

Cultivation Requirements: Master the basic theory of software engineering related disciplines, with the ability of strong self-learning, lifelong learning awareness and the use of relevant disciplines knowledge analysis, expression, to solve complex engineering problems; master the basic theory of software engineering and professional knowledge, Familiar with the software development and application of the norms, policies and regulations, to understand the computer software research and development and project management in the field of cutting-edge dynamic and new technology applications, with strong practical ability, innovative spirit of collaboration and social adaptability.

Major Courses: university English, higher mathematics, university physics, discrete structure, programming technology, object-oriented programming, data structure, operating system, algorithm design and analysis, circuit and electronic technology, computer system foundation, computer network, database system principle System architecture, software engineering, software engineering, software engineering, software development, software development, With tools and so on.

Main Practice Teaching Links: military training, teaching practice, practice, social practice, scientific research training, self-practice, curriculum experiment, curriculum design, project practice, comprehensive practice, professional training, graduation practice, graduation design (thesis) and so on.

Degree To Be Granted : Bachelor of Engineering.

Study Duration: four years.


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