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Earth-science Reviews Publishes the Research Results of Professor LI Yanrong's Team

Recently, professor LI Yanrong's research team has made important progress in the study of loess geology and surface processes. Their research paper Loess genesis and worldwide distribution was published in Earth-science Reviews, a top international geoscience journal. The paper highlights the genesis and worldwide distribution of loess, the three modes of CR, MR and MRD of loess genesis, a global distribution map with provenance and transport paths of loess, the maps of thickness and continuity of major loess deposits and the sizes of major loess-covered areas. It has a positive role in promoting the scientific research in the field of loess geology.


At the same time, Geomorphology, a leading journal in the field, published a cover article about another important achievement by Li's team - A unified landslide classification system for loess slopes: A critical review. The paper highlights the landslide classification systems by different criteria, a unified loess landslide classification system with eight key criteria, a set of unified nomenclatures for loess landslides and a framework for study of loess landslides. The results provide a unified reference standard for the study of surface geological processes, geological hazards and human-earth coordination in loess area. 


[1] Yanrong Li*, Wenhui Shi, Adnan Aydin, Mary Antonette Beroya-Eitner, Guohong Gao (2019) Loess genesis and worldwide distribution, Earth-Science Reviews.


[2] Yanrong Li*, Ping Mo (2019). A unified landslide classification system for loess slopes: A critical review. Geomorphology, 340(2019):67-83.



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