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CGTN: Some Chinese universities prepare to re-open


As life slowly returns to normal in Chinese cities, many universities are resuming classes. But not before imposing strict rules in classrooms, dining halls, dormitories, and even off-campus areas. CGTN reporter Hu Chao takes us to a university in northern China's Shanxi Province.

Located in the capital city of Shanxi province, Taiyuan University of Technology is one of the region's top universities. Its spring semester usually starts in mid-February. But the suspension continues amid the virus outbreak.

The Shanxi Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Working Group has announced that all schools in the province are to remain closed until March 15th. The specific date for the start of spring semester is dependent on the outbreak situation. But Taiyuan University of Technology is one of the universities here that have already started to prepare for the re-opening of school.

University President Huang Qingxue says they initiated a health emergency response soon after the outbreak. They also made plans to re-open a month ago.

HUANG QINGXUE President, Taiyuan University of Technology "We have a total of 38,000 students and thousands of teachers and other workers. We've decided to divide them into three patches and let them return at different times. We'll use our own shuttle buses to pick them up at the airport and train stations."

Disinfection has been carried out regularly across campus. Some dormitories have been arranged as quarantine rooms, providing a total of over 500 beds. Some teachers have already returned to school. Those who come from outside the area have to spend 14 days in the quarantine dormitory. Huang says measures will be taken to reduce gatherings.

HUANG QINGXUE President, Taiyuan University of Technology "We'll re-arrange the curriculum. Large-scale classes will be replaced by small ones. We'll ban large-scale school activities. Students will not be allowed to party. Off-campus internships will also be suspended."

The dining halls now also require everyone to sit alone at each table and all face the same direction to avoid face-to-face contact. There are nearly 400 students who stayed on campus through the epidemic. Most of them are international students.

LUKMAH JEDUAH IDRISSU Student, Taiyuan University of Technology "We've been kept safe ever since the school found out about the coronavirus. They've done their best to keep us safe."

ASUMAHG HAYFORD Student, Taiyuan University of Technology "The Ayi and school teachers have helped us a lot, giving us masks, checking our temperature, making sure nobody is ill."

Hu Chao, CGTN, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province.

Link: https://news.cgtn.com/news/78597a4d77514464776c6d636a4e6e62684a4856/index.html

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