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Cooperatively-run Education Program between TYUT and UOW Being Approved by the Ministry of Education

The cooperatively-run undergraduate education program between Taiyuan University of Technology (TYUT) and University of Wollongong (UOW) in mechanical design, manufacturing and its automation has recently been approved by the Ministry of Education of China.

According to the approval, the program enrollment is included in the national enrollment plan for general institutions of higher learning. TYUT will, in accordance with the national enrollment policy for general institutions of higher learning, make incremental arrangements through its enrollment plan. The recruitment, 120 students from the mainland of China annually (480 in total), shall start this year. It adopts dual-degree cultivation mode. After completing the required studies, students can obtain TYUT graduate and B.Eng. certificates, as well as a UOW B.Eng. certificate. The teaching plan and teaching syllabus are jointly formulated by the two universities based on their respective advantages. The number of introduced UOW courses, the number of introduced UOW specialized core courses, and the number of specialized core courses and credit hours undertaken by UOW teachers account for more than 35%, 60%, 35% and 40% respectively. Students who meet UOW’s requirements including language proficiency shall have the chance to study on UOW campus as exchange students.

Founded in 1951, UOW is a famous national university in Australia featuring outstanding teaching quality and strong graduate competitiveness. It has established positive and stable cooperative relations with over 150 universities, enterprises, organizations and governmental institutions across the globe. Out of its 31,000+ students, 12,000 are international students from over 80 countries. It has been ranked among the global top 2% universities in 2020 by Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Academic Ranking of World Universities (formerly known as Shanghai Jiao Tong University Academic Ranking of World Universities) and QS World University Rankings. The main features of the courses offered by its Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences, all have been accredited by authoritative institutions, are practical applicability and close relations with industrial development. The employment rate of its graduates reaches 90+%.

Recent years have highlighted the relationship between TYUT and UOW with their frequent high-level visits, close staff and student exchanges, fruitful joint research results, and widely-covered pragmatic and efficient inter-university exchanges and cooperation, all of which have laid a solid foundation for cooperatively-run education programs. This program is TYUT’s first cooperative education program with a foreign education institution in recent years. Its aim is to give full play to the advantages of the two universities in mechanical design, manufacturing and its automation and to jointly cultivate high-quality fully-developed talents with international vision and competitiveness. It represents TYUT’s concrete action to implement the CPC Shanxi provincial committee’s general course and requirements of four as’, four high’s and two synchronizations, and marks an important move to vigorously implement the Univerisity's strategy of internationalization and promote education internationalization. The program is of great significance to advance China’s international leading position in the field of mechanical science and technology; to provide more talents in this field and better serve the local economic and social development; to deepen TYUT’s international education reforms and to bridge the gap in Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run education; and to accelerate TYUT’s development as a world-class university and to further integrate with other world-class universities.

TYUT and UOW shall take this education program as an opportunity to further joint forces and strengthen cooperation, striving to build this approved cooperatively-run education program into a demonstration program in Shanxi province and nationwide at large.


From International Cooperation Division

Editor: Weiwei Wang

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