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Wang Yuchen, a doctoral candidate of TYUT, returned from China's 36th Antarctic Expedition

On April 23, Wang Yuchen, a doctoral candidate from College of Electrical and Power Engineering of TYUT in 2019 who participated in the 36th Antarctic expedition of China, returned to Taiyuan after completing various expedition tasks.

This is the first exploration of the two icebreakers together – Xuelong, or Snow Dragon, and Xuelong 2. The research expedition starts on October 22nd. Wang traveled to and from the South Pole by Xuelong, covering a distance of about 30,000 kilometers and 168 days. He arrived at the inland departure base near Zhongshan Station on November 28, 2019, and set off from the base on December 9 with a total of 17 members of the expedition inland team. He arrived at the Taishan Station, 520 kilometers away from Zhongshan Station, on December 15, and returned to Zhongshan Station on February 10, 2020. He has spent 57 days in the inland ice sheet.

As the third graduate student of TYUT who boarded the Antarctic ice sheet, Wang fulfilled his mission and overcame many difficulties including the temperature of 30 degrees below zero, long-time field working in the polar day and lack of oxygen on the plateau during his inland investigation. Informed of the COVID-19 outbreak, Wang and other team members cared much about Wuhan and the homeland.


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