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The Delegation of the Israel Chamber of Commerce Visited Shanxi

On March 9th, Yuval Ben Sadeh, and his delegation of the Israel Chamber of Commerce in China (IsCham) visited Shanxi province. Ren Yuezhong, the first-level inspector of Shanxi Provincial Education Department, attended the symposium. Lv Yongkang, the vice president of TYUT, and the related comrades of the International Cooperation Office were present. The heads of four universities including Shanxi University, Shanxi Agricultural University, Shanxi Medical University and Shanxi University of  Chinese Medicine also participated.

Ren Yuezhong expressed a warm welcome to the Israeli delegation on behalf of the Shanxi Provincial Education Department, briefly introduced the achievements of the international exchanges and cooperation among universities in Shanxi, and expressed the aspiration to establish comprehensive, in-depth and friendly relations with Israeli educational and scientific institutions. He sincerely hoped that both parties can give full play to their respective advantages, jointly build sino-foreign cooperation in running schools (projects), hold various forums on high education development, and jointly carry out scientific research and talent joint-training programs.

       Lu Yongkang introduced the history, superior disciplines and cooperation intentions of Taiyuan University of Technology in English. He pointed out that in recent years, TYUT has always regarded serving Shanxi's industrial transformation as its fundamental task, closely fllowed the two main lines, namely helping TYUTs double first-class construction and serving the local economic transformation, and strengthened International exchanges and cooperation through cooperation in running schools, introduction of intellectual bases, and application of international research projects. Besides, he further proposed to carry out scientific research cooperation in 3-D biological regeneration, intelligence of coal machine and chemical industry, ans discussed practical cooperation with Israeli universities, such as mutual recognition of credits, joint training of graduate students, and enrollment of Israeli students.

Finally, Yuval, head of the delegation of IsCham, appreciated the detailed arrangements and introduction from Shanxi Provincial Education Department. He explained the philosophy and future development of higher education in Israel. He hoped to increase exchanges with Shanxi Provincial Education Department and relevant universities, actively explore a suitable path of cooperation for Shanxi's development, and promote the long-term development of the two sides in education, medical care, science and technology, and agriculture.

Editor: Gao Yu

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