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"One Hundred Years of Youth" Reading Activity Kicks Off

      On April 23, the 26th World Book Day, the "One Hundred Years of Youth" Reading Activity co-sponsored by TYUT and Shanxi Radio and Television Station was held on the Mingxiang campus. With a thousand people reciting the red classics and celebrating the CPC’s centenary birthday together, the grand scene and the magnificent momentum have aroused strong resonance among teachers and students.

      "Reading is the most beautiful thing in life. It allows us to realize that life is not only about compromise, but also poems and dreams. One can experience the vicissitudes of the rich life, explore the possibilities of the wonderful world, and revitalize the noble spirit through reading books." In his speech, Liu Runxiang encouraged the young students that only owning great ambitions would they perceive that it’s right time to struggle, and only with both sense and reason will they be qualified talents in the new era. He hoped that this activity could lead the reading fashion and create a strong atmosphere of "reading good books, especially red classics" among teachers and students. Through learning the CPC’s history, teachers and students can enhance their love for the Party, the country, and the people with continuously increased national pride and self-confidence.

      Luo Qingdong said that the youths carry the hope of the nation and the future of the motherland, and college days are the best time in our life. He hoped that it could become a beautiful fashion to advocate and guide the society to read good books and cultivate a habit of reading through this activity.

    During the activity, the participating leaders and guests also awarded the honorary certificates “Reading Star in 2020” to top ten teachers and top ten students.

      The sound of recitation in front of the library reverberated throughout the campus. "Youth China",  "My homeland, my dear homeland", "Be a Fighter", "Lovely China", "Waiting", "I Love This Land", "Youth Forever”…., these well-known classical recitations, which pays a tribute to the revolutionary martyrs of older generation and praises great achievements of new China, shows the contemporary youths’ enthusiasm for life, passion for struggle, courage to face difficulty and attitudes towards future, as well as expresses the ardent love of Chinese descendant for the nation and the country.

      Zhou Zijian, an undergraduate at the College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, said: “reading makes me immersed in books, so that I can have the inner space to communicate with myself. This activity makes me fully understand the extensive and profound classical culture.” As a college student, we should keep firmly in mind general secretary Xi Jinping’s instruction, strengthen ideals and beliefs, practice excellent skills, innovate and create bravely, work harder and cultivate a noble character.

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