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TYUT Successfully Held Sports Meeting

       In the special year of CPCs 100th founding anniversary and the special period of normalized COVID-19 prevention and control, the 2021 Sports Meeting of TYUT is held on the newly renovated playground in the beautiful May.

      On the morning of May 28th, with the eagerness of all teachers and students, TYUT s 2021 sports meeting grandly opened at the east playground of Mingxiang campus.

       Facing the rising sun, 50 delegations passed the rostrum and received review by teachers and students. Among them, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and striving for "double first-class" have become the most dazzling elements. The delegations used different queue performances to convey the characteristics and cultural heritage of each unit. Some were passionate, some were novel and interesting. All of these showed the positive mental freshness of our students and faculty members and attracted bursts of applause.

      After the solemn flag-raising ceremony, Zheng Qiang announced the opening of Taiyuan University of Technology's 2021 Sports Meeting.

      Li Jinping delivered the opening speech for the Sports Meeting. On behalf of the school, he expressed his sincere gratitude to the departments and colleges that have carefully prepared the Games, and extended cordial greetings and best wishes to all athletes, referees and staff. He reviewed a series of physical education in recent years, and pointed out that sports played an important role in enriching campus cultural life and comprehensively improving the physical qualities of teachers and students. He hoped that all participating athletes, referees and staff could work together, creating an interesting and wonderful sporting event. It is hoped that 2021 Sports Meeting in TYUT will become a new starting point to encourage teachers and students to develop a lifelong physical exercise habit and healthy lifestyle. The tenacious and enterprising sportsmanship is expected to be transformed into an inexhaustible driving force for deepening comprehensive reforms, implementing the "14th Five-Year Plan", and building a "double first-class" university.

       Representatives of athletes and referees gave speeches separately, expressed their pursuit of sportsmanship, and took oaths on behalf of the athletes and referees.

       The wonderful artistic performances pushed the opening ceremony to a climax. Performed by more than 170 teachers and students from the College of Physical Education, "Martial Arts" magnificently shows the culture of Chinese martial arts. The large-scale group gymnastics performance "A Hundred Years of Magnificent Poems, A Hundred Years of Colorful Campus", which is composed of nearly 400 students from Qiushi and Zongfu College, used rhythmic dances to show youthful energy, expressing the infinite love and blessings to our great motherland and the Party.

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