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Summer School-----special summer days

Summer School is a major reform in the process of talent training, which aims to further improve the teaching quality and talent cultivation. TYUT has carried out this program since 2019, and is in the forefront of higher education of Shanxi Province.

During the summer school this year, 967 teaching classes, including various courses, curriculum design and internship, are arranged for all students, with 3154 classes in total. In 2021, TYUT continues to deepen the reform of summer school teaching, and designs different teaching contents for different grades and levels. Concerning the freshmen, TYUT adopts a teaching mode of “three forming an organic whole”. That means taking foreign teachers as main speakers, international students as teaching assistants, and English-major postgraduates as guiders. Curriculum design, specialized practice, and innovation and entrepreneurship training are arranged for senior students.

For freshmen, Summer School focuses on strengthening their English competence and expanding their international vision. English courses are the highlight of this program. This year, 110 foreign teachers and international students are recruited to give lessons for 208 classes from Qiushi College.With an immersive English environment for students, their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills will make significant progress.

Rees David Tyrrell is a foreign teacher in the summer school. “I often use multimedia teaching to interact with students. It is a very pleasant learning experience." He believes that after completing the English learning tasks in the spring semester, students should learn more about foreign cultures and different thinking modes in this program. Yang Jiafu, a student from the College of Materials Science and Engineering, said that “I am full of expectations for the summer school.  The teaching forms are colorful and interesting, and we often work in groups. Everyone has opportunities to practice his/her English in immersive English learning. I believe that through this program, the students' oral English will be greatly improved.”

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