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Breakthrough in the Field of SnTe Thermoelectric Conversion Materials

Recently, Professor Wang Wenxian and his team from the College of Materials Science and Engineering published a paper titled "Retarding Ostwald ripening through Gibbs adsorption and interfacial complexions leads to high-performance SnTe thermoelectrics" in the top journal Energy & Environmental Science (IF: 38.532) in the field of energy and environment. This study uses Gibbs adsorption to effectively suppress the coarsening of nanoprecipitated phases, obtains a thermally stable high-performance SnTe thermoelectrics, and reveals a new mechanism for interfacial complexions of thermoelectric transmission operation.

The thermoelectric conversion technology based on the Seebeck effect can use the directional movement of carriers to realize the direct mutual conversion of heat energy and electric energy under a given temperature difference. It has great application prospects in the field of waste heat recovery in low-quality environments, and is expected to play an important role in China’s “Dual Carbon” energy strategy.

        Dr. An Decheng from the college of Materials Science and Engineering and Dr. Wang Jiangjing from Aachen University of Technology are the first authors of this paper. The corresponding authors are Professor Wang Wenxian, Professor Chen Shaoping and Dr. Yu Yuan. The research was funded by the General Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Natural Science Foundation of Shanxi Province, the German Research Fund, and the Humboldt Fund.

The link : https://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2021/ee/d1ee01977e

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