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TYUT Has Broken Records in 2021 National Higher University Students Competitions

On February 22nd , Working Group of Higher University Students Competitions Evaluation and Management System, China Association of Higher Education, released a ranking list of 2021 China Higher University Students Competitions. TYUT reached 34th among 2017—2021 National Higher University Competitionsundergraduatetop 300and ranked 31th Among 2017—2021 National “Double First-class Construction Higher University Students Competition respectively. TYUT ranked 24th among 2021 National Higher University Students Competitionundergraduatetop 100 and 6th among 2016—2020 National Local University Students Competitions top100, and reached Number. 40 among the 6th round National Higher University Students Competitions (undergraduate) Top 300. Above all, TYUT has broken its records in these 5 ranking lists.

In recent years, TYUT insists on a concept of students-centered curriculum, revolves around the target of cultivating top talent, deepens the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship, adheres to the philosophy of promoting learning, teaching, innovating with competitions, and builds a solid system of cultivating students’ innovation and entrepreneurship ability.

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