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Museum of TYUT History is Officially Open to the Public

2022/08/30 15:21:38

August 26th, Museum of TYUT History was inaugurated in Mingxiang campus to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Taiyuan University of Technology. Academician of China Academy of Engineering(CAE), foreign member of National Academy of Engineering (NAE), former vice president of CAE, former president of TYUT, Xie Kechang, Member of the CPPCC (Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference) National Committee, Vice chairman of the 11th CPPCC Qinghai Provincial Committee, Ma Zhiwei, and school leaders Zheng Qiang, Sun Hongbin, Li Jinping, Yu Anying, Wu Douqing, Zhang Xianming, Xiao Liantuan and Ren Xiying attended the ceremony.

Museum is the eternal base of history, culture and spirit, which can inspire people to carry forward the past and forge ahead into the future. At a time of 120thanniversary, Museum of TYUT History is officially open to the public under the elaborate preparation over 2 years.

Museum of TYUT History covers an area of about 1040 square meters and consists of 2 exhibition halls and 7 parts. More than 630 photos, 13 electronic display screens, 8 sculptures and oil paintings, 150 objects are presented. Through more than 50 theme layouts, the museum reproduces the course of continuous self-improvement and hard struggle of generations, shows the proud achievements of school running and prospects of future development, and highlights the extraordinary contribution and fruitful achievements for the higher education of the Party and the country during different historical periods.

Xie Kechang, Ma Zhiwei, Zheng Qiang and Sun Hongbin came to the stage to jointly unveil the Museum of TYUT History.

Sun Hongbin issued commemorative certificates to representatives who delicated to the establishment of the museum and expressed gratitude for their hard work.

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