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XIE Xianmei

Name:谢鲜梅 XIE Xianmei


Major SelectionChemical Engineering and Technology

Research DirectionInorganic synthesis and heterogeneous catalysis



1. Rong Dai, Ziliang Zheng, chen sun, xing li, shiyao wang, xu wu, xia an, Xianmei Xie*  

Pt Nanoparticles Encapsulated in a Hollow Zeolite Microreactor as a Highly Active and Stable Catalyst for Low-temperature Ethanol Steam Reforming

 Fuel  2018  214  88-97 

2. Chen Sun, Ziliang Zheng, Shiyao Wang, Xing Li, Xu Wu, Xia An , Xianmei Xie*

  Yolk-shell structured Pt-CeO2@Ni-SiO2 as an efficient catalyst for enhanced hydrogen production from ethanol steam reforming

Ceramics International  2018  44 1438-1442

3. Shiyao Wang,  Bo He,  Ren Tian,  Chen Sun,  Rong Dai, Xing Li,  Xu Wu,  Xia An,  Xianmei Xie*

    Ni-hierarchical Beta zeolite catalysts were applied to ethanol steam reforming: Effect of sol gel method on loading Ni and the role of hierarchical structure

    Molecular Catalysis 2018  453  64–73

4.    Shiyao Wang,  Bo He,  Ren Tian,  Chen Sun,  Rong Dai, Xing Li,  Xu Wu,  Xia An,  Xianmei Xie*  

Synthesis and catalytic performance of hierarchically structured MOR zeolites by a dual-functional templating approach

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science  2018 527 339–345

5.  Zheng Ziliang,  Sun Chen,  Dai Rong, Wang Shiyao, Wu Xu, An, Xia,  Wu Zhonghua,  Xianmei Xie*

Ethanol steam reforming on Ni-based catalysts: Effect of Cu and Fe addition on the catalytic activity and resistance to deactivation

Energy & Fuels   2017  31(3) 3091-3100

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