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LING Lixia

Name: 凌丽霞 LING Lixia

Contact: linglixia@tyut.edu.cn

Major Selection: Chemistry, Chemical engineering and technology

Research Interest: The conversion of CO to DMO and ethanol, and the catalytic conversion of methanol over zeolite catalyst by using quantum chemistry method.



2 books and recently published 10 papers are listed below.

(1)   Lixia Ling. Mechanisms of Coal Pyrolysis and Coal Gas Desulfurization. Coal Industry Press, 2014/3

(2)   Baojun Wang, Riguang Zhang, Lixia Ling. Chapter 8. Quantum Chemistry Study on the Pyrolysis Mechanisms of Coal-Related Model Compounds, in “Rate Constant Calculation for Thermal Reactions: Methods and Applications”, Edited by Herbert DaCosta and Maohong Fan. John Wiley & Sons Press, 2/22/2012

(3)   Lixia Ling, Hao Lin, Bingying Han, Ping Liu, Riguang Zhang, Bojun Wang*. Molecular Catalysis, 2019, 470: 19-31.

(4)   Lixia Ling, Xue Feng, Yueting Cao, Ping Liu, Maohong Fan, Riguang Zhang, Baojun Wang*. The catalytic CO oxidative coupling to dimethyl oxalate on Pd clusters anchored on defected graphene: A theoretical study. Molecular Catalysis, 2018, 453: 100-112.

(5)   Lixia Ling, Yueting Cao, Zhongbei Zhao, Ping Liu, Baojun Wang*, Riguang Zhang, Debao Li. Density functional theory calculations and analysis for the reduction of NO by H2 on Pd6/TiO2. Computational Materials Science, 2018, 149: 182-190.

(6)   Lixia Ling, Qiang Wang, Riguang Zhang, Debao Li*, Baojun Wang*. Formation of C2 oxygenates and ethanol from syngas on an Fe-decorated Cu-based catalyst: insight into the role of Fe as a promoter, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 2017, 19: 30883-30894.

(7)   Lixia Ling, Zhongbei Zhao, Xue Feng, Qiang Wang, Baojun Wang*. Riguang Zhang, Debao Li. Insight into the reduction of NO by H2 on the stepped Pd(211) surface, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2017, 121(30): 16399-16414. (SCI, 2)

(8)   Lixia Ling, Zhongbei Zhao, Senpeng Zhao, Qiang Wang, Baojun Wang*. Riguang Zhang, Debao Li. Effects of metals doping on the removal of Hg and H2S over ceria, Applied Surface Science, 2017, 403: 500508. (SCI, 2)

(9)   Lixia Ling, Lili Fan, Xue Feng, Baojun Wang*, Riguang Zhang. Effects of the size and Cu modulation of Pdn (n≤38) clusters on Hg0 adsorption, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2017, 308: 289-298. (SCI, 1)

(10)Lixia Ling, Zhongbei Zhao, Baojun Wang*, Maohong Fan, Riguang Zhang. Effects of CO and CO2 on the desulfurization of H2S using a ZnO sorbent: a density functional theory study, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2016, 18: 11150-11156. (SCI, 2)

(11)Lixia Ling, Maohong Fan*, Baojun Wang*, Riguang Zhang. Application of computational chemistry in understanding the mechanisms of mercury removal technologies: a review, Energy Environmental Science, 2015, 8: 3109-3133 (SCI, 1)

(12) Lixia Ling, Senpeng Zhao, Peide Han, Baojun Wang*, Riguang Zhang, Maohong Fan. Toward predicting the mercury removal by chlorine on the ZnO surface, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2014, 244: 364-371. (SCI, 1)

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