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SHEN Shuguang

Name:申曙光 SHEN Shuguang

ContactShenshuguang @tyut.edu.cn, sgshen@sina.com

Major SelectionChemistry, Chemical engineering and technology  

Research InterestCleanliness and Efficiency of chemical processes,

utilization of renewable resources



1. Li H, Shan W, Shen S G*, et al. Production of a gasoline blending component with high-octane and low sulfur from coal tar light oil over sulfided CoMoP/η-Al2O3[J]. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2019, 228: 965-973.

2. Yuan S, Li T, Wang Y, Cai B, Wen X, Shen S G*, Peng X, Li Y . Double-adsorption functional carbon based solid acids derived from copyrolysis of PVC and PE for cellulose hydrolysis[J]. Fuel, 2019, 237: 895-902.

3. Li H, Shen S G*, Shi Z, Shan W, et al. Effect of the upstream gas on the evolved coal gas in the dry distillation zone of the fixed bed gasifier[J]. Energy, 2019,190: 421-428.

4. Wang Y, Shen S G*, Li M, et al. Urea Hydrolysis Over α-MnO2 Catalyst: Preparation, Characterizations and Influencing Factors[J]. Catalysis Letters, 2019, 149(7): 2032-2042.

5. Li Y, Shen S G*, Wang C, et al. The effect of difference in chemical composition between cellulose and lignin on carbon based solid acids applied for cellulose hydrolysis[J]. Cellulose, 2018, 25(3): 1851-1863.

6. Wang Y, Shen S G*, Li M, et al. In Situ Growth of Highly Active MgAl Layered Double Hydroxide on η-Al2O3 for Catalytic Hydrolysis of Urea in Wastewater[J]. Catalysis Letters, 2018, 148(7): 1893-1903.

7. Peng X, Shen S G*, Wang C, et al. Influence of relative proportions of cellulose and lignin on carbon-based solid acid for cellulose hydrolysis[J]. Molecular Catalysis, 2017, 442: 133-139.

8. Shi Z, Shen S G*, Li T, et al. The evaluation of a process for clean syngas based on lump coal pressurized gasification[J]. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2017, 42(12): 7883-7894.

9. Li T, Shen S G*, Cai B, et al. High-performance carbon-based solid acid prepared by environmental and efficient recycling of PVC waste for cellulose hydrolysis[J]. RSC Advances, 2016, 6(94): 91921-91929.

10. Sun R, Shen S G*, Zhang D, et al. Hydrofining of coal tar light oil to produce high octane gasoline blending components over γ-Al2O3-and η-Al2O3-supported catalysts[J]. Energy & Fuels, 2015, 29(11): 7005-7013.

11. Shen S G*, Cai B, Wang C, et al. Preparation of a novel carbon-based solid acid from cocarbonized starch and polyvinyl chloride for cellulose hydrolysis[J]. Applied Catalysis A: General, 2014, 473: 70-74.

12. Shen S G*, Wang C, Han Y, et al. Influence of reaction conditions on heterogeneous hydrolysis of cellulose over phenolic residue-derived solid acid[J]. Fuel, 2014, 134: 573-578.

13. Shen S G*, Li M, Li B, et al. Catalytic hydrolysis of urea from wastewater using different aluminas by a fixed bed reactor[J]. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2014, 21(21): 12563-12568.

14. Shen S G*, Chen P P, Li A Q, et al. Effect of three processes on CO2 and O2 simultaneously reforming of coke oven gas to syngas[J]. Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification, 2014, 75: 75-80.

15. Shen S G*, Wang C, Cai B, et al. Heterogeneous hydrolysis of cellulose into glucose over phenolic residue-derived solid acid[J]. Fuel, 2013, 113: 644-649.


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