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AN Meiwen

AN Meiwen

Professor in College of Biomedical Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology

Tel.: 13068046412

E-mail: meiwen_an@163.com

Major Selection: Biomedical engineering


Research interests

The main academic research involves biomechanics of soft tissue and cell mechanics. The work contains: coupling analysis of soft tissue mechanical-biological, the role and optimization analysis of mechanical factors in pressure treatment of scar, the research and development of tissue engineering organs, manufacturing and transformation of brain scaffolds and hand orthopedic devices and other medical and rehabilitation equipment. She has presided over 3 national natural science foundation projects, participated in 3 national key projects, published more than 40 papers which contains more than 20 papers of SCI, and authorized 2 national patents. She has won the science and technology award of Shanxi Province in 2010 (natural science, second accomplisher).



[1]        Liu Yang, Liu Baimei, Li Chenchen, An Meiwen*. Regulation of collagen metabolism in keratinocyte-fibroblast organotypic co-culture by pressure. Pakistan Journal of Zoology, 2019, 51(1), 21-29.

[2]        Baimei Liu, Yang Liu, Li Wang, Chunsheng Hou, Meiwen An*. RNA-seq-based analysis of the hypertrophic scarring with and without pressure therapy in a Bama minipig model . Scientific Reports, 2018, 8(1):11831.

[3]        Baimei Liu, Yang Liu, Li Wang, Chunsheng Hou, Meiwen An*. The effects of pressure intervention on wound healing and scar formation in a Bama minipig model. Burns, 2018.09.002.

[4]        Lingfeng Chen, Zhipeng Gao, Baimei Liu, Ying Lv, Meiwen An*, Jiling Feng. Circumferential variation in mechanical characteristics of porcine descending aorta. Biocell, 2018,42(1): 25-34

[5]        Feng JilingSashikumar SravanthiChen Weiyi, An Meiwen. 3D computational fluid dynamic modelling for pulsatile blood wave propagation in the event of car crash. Int ernational journal of crashworthiness, 2017, 22(4): 394-400.

[6]        Jing Chen, Hongmei Guo, Zhipeng Gao, Meiwen An, Xiaojun Wang, Weiyi Chen. Optimal kicking of a trampolinist. Human movement science, 2016, 48:54-61.

[7]        Liu Yang, Wang Li, Qiu Haixia, An Meiwen*. Preparation and characterization of chitosan-gelatin/glutaraldehyde scaffolds. Journal of macromolecular science part B-Physics, 2014, 53(2): 309-325.

[8]        Liu Yang, Qiu Haixia, Wang Li, An Meiwen*.The properties of chitosan-gelatin scaffolds by once or twice vacuum freeze-drying methods. Polymer-plastics technology and engineering,2013, 52(11): 1154-1159.

[9]        Liu Yang, Qiu HaiXia, Wang Li, An Meiwen*. The affection of the vacuum freeze-dry temperature on properties of chitosan-gelatin scaffolds. Jouanal of pure and applied microbiology, 2013, 7: 179-184.


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