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CHEN Weiyi


Name: CHEN Weiyi

Gender: Male

Business Address: College of Biomedical Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology, No. 79 West Yingze Street, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China
Work Phone:
+86 351 6018826
Mobile Phone:
+86 13015477101


Research Interest:

Bone and Cartilage Biomechanics; Ocular Biomechanics; Cell Mechanics

Major Selection:

Biomedical Engineering



1.     Li YS, Chen J, Wang LL, Guo Y, Feng JL, Chen WY*. Experimental verification of the elastic formula for the aspirated length of a single cell considering the size and compressibility of cell during micropipette aspiration. Annals of Biomedical Engineering. 2018,46(7):1026-1037.

2.     Wu XG, Chen KJ, Wang ZW, Wang NN, Zhao T, Xue YN, Wang YQ, Chen WY*. An analytical poroelastic model for laboratorial mechanical testing of the articular cartilage (AC). Applied Mathematics & Mechanics. 2018, 39(6):813-828.

3.     Yu WL, Cen HP, Wu XG*, Guo Y, Li CX, Wang YQ, Chen WY*. Finite element study of the effect of osteon morphology variation related ageing, osteoporosis, or physical activity level on its poroelastic behaviors. Journal of Hard Tissue Biology. 2018,27(4):333-342.

4.     Wu XG, Zhao T, Wu XH, Xie JL, Chen KJ, Guo HM, Li CX, Wang YQ, Guo Y, Chen WY*. Interstitial fluid flow behavior in osteon wall under non-axisymmetric loading: a finite element study  Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology. 2018,18(7).

5.     Li XN*, Wei JC, Lan WW, Rong S, Wang XJ, He R, Chen WY*, Qin YX. Non-Enzymatic Glycation Crosslinking Affects Human Keratoconus Fibroblasts Behavior in Vitro. J Biomater Tiss Eng. 2018, 8(9): 1334-1341.

6.     Rong S, Wang CY, Han BY, Feng PF, Lan WW, Gao ZP, Li XN*, Chen WY*, Iontophoresis-assisted accelerated riboflavin/ultraviolet A scleral cross-linking, Exp Eye Res, 2017, 6:162:37-47.

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