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YUE Xiuping

YUE Xiuping

Professor, PhD & Master Supervisor, Dean

College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology


Gender: female

Date of Birth: 09.1963

Education & Degree: Doctor of Engineering

E-mail: yuexiuping@tyut.edu.cn

Mailing address: 209 University Street, Yuci District, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province

Postal Code: 030600


Research Direction:

Water pollution control and resource utilization of pollutants

Curriculum Structures:

Environmental Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering.

Major academic achievements (2015-2019)


         Qilong Ge, Xiuping Yue*, Guoying Wang. Simultaneous heterotrophic nitrification and aerobic denitrification at high initial phenol concentration by isolated bacterium Diaphorobacter sp. PD-7. Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2015, 23(5): 835-841.

         Aijuan Zhou, Wenzong Liu, Cristiano Varrone, Youzhao Wang, Aijie Wang, Xiuping Yue*. Evaluation of surfactants on waste activated sludge fermentation bypyrosequencing analysis. Bioresource Technology. 2015, 192: 835-840.

         Aijuan Zhou, Haichao Luo, Cristiano Varrone, Youzhao Wang, Wenzong Liu, Aijie Wang, Xiuping Yue*. Enhanced anaerobic digestibility of waste activated sludge byplant-derived biosurfactant. Process Biochemistry. 2015, 50: 1413–1421.


         Aijuan Zhou, Jiaguang Zhang, Weiwei Cai, Rui Sun, Guoying Wang, Wenzong Liu, Aijie Wang and Xiuping Yue*. Comparison of chemosynthetic and biological surfactants on accelerating hydrogen production from waste activated sludge in a short-cut fermentation-bioelectrochemical system. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 2016, DOI 10.1016/j.ijhydene.2016.02.075.

         Aijuan Zhou*, Jiaguang Zhang, Kaili Wen, Zhihong Liu, Guoying Wang, Wenzong Liu, Aijie Wang and Xiuping Yue*. What could the entire cornstover bring for the enhancement of waste activated sludge acidification: Performance assessment and microbial community analysis? Biotechnology for Biofuels. Accepted.

         Xiaomei ZhangXiufu HuaXiuping Yue*. Comparison of bacterial community characteristics between complete and shortcut denitrification systems for quinoline degradation[J]. Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology, 2016,101(4):1697-1707.


         Kaili Wen, Aijuan Zhou, Jiaguang Zhang, Zhihong Liu, Guoying Wang, Wenzong Liu, Aijie Wang, XiupingYue*. Characterization of biocarbon-source recovery and microbial community shifts from waste activated sludge by conditioning with cornstover: Assessment of cellulosic compositions[J]. Scientific Reports, 2017, 7(42887):42887.

         Aijuan Zhou *, Jiaguang Zhang, Cristiano Varrone, Kaili Wen, Guoying Wang, Wenzong Liu, Aijie Wang, Xiuping Yue*. Process assessment associated to microbial community response provides insight on possible mechanism of waste activated sludge digestion under typical chemical pretreatments[J]. Energy, 2017 137 (15): 457-467.

         Xiaoli Ma, Zhifeng Li, Aijuan Zhou, Xiuping Yue*. Energy recovery from tubular microbial electrolysis cell with stainless steel mesh as cathode[J]. Royal society open science, 2017, 4 (12): 170967.


         Zhihong Liu, Aijuan Zhou*, Jiaguang Zhang, Sufang Wang, Yunbo Luan, Wenzong Liu, Aijie Wang, and Xiuping Yue*. Hydrogen recovery from waste activated sludge: Role of free nitrous acid (FNA) in a pre-fermentation-microbial electrolysis cells system [J]. Acs Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2018. 6 (3): 3870–3878.

         Cheng Chen, Yue Xiuping*, Zhou Aijuan, Zhao Bowei, Wang Sufang. Performance of SCFAs extracted by magnetic LDH/PU materials as denitrification carbon source [J]. China Environmental Science, 2019, 39 (2): 604-611. (EI)

             Zhichun Zhang; Xiuping Yue*; Yanqing Duan; Xiao Zhang; Yanjuan Gao; Rao Zhu; Xia Cui, Sulfate radical oxidation combined with iron flocculation for upgrading biological effluent of coking wastewater, RSC Advance. 2018.11.5, 8:


             Aijuan Zhou; Zhihong Liu; Cristiano Varrone; Yunbo Luan; Wenzong Liu; Aijie Wang; Xiuping Yue*. Efficient biorefinery of waste activated sludge and vinegar residue into volatile fatty acids: effect of feedstock conditioning on performance and microbiology. Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology. 2018, 4(11): 1819~1828.


         Yanjuan Gao; Guoying Wang; Aijuan Zhou; Xiuping Yue*; Yanqing Duan; Xin Kong; Xiao Zhang, Effect of nitrate on indole degradation characteristics and methanogenesis under mixed denitrification and methanogenesis culture, Biochemical Engineering Journal, 2019.2.9, 145:33-41.

         Xiao Zhang; Bowei Zhao; Jia Meng; Aijuan Zhou; Xiuping Yue*; Yukun Niu; Ying Cui. Efficiency, granulation, and bacterial populations related to pollutant removal in an upflow microaerobic sludge reactor treating wastewater with low COD/TN ratio. Bioresource Technology, 2018.5, 270: 147~155.

         Sufang Wang; Aijuan Zhou; Jiaguang Zhang; Zhaohua Liu; Jierong Zheng; Xiaochan Zhao; Xiuping Yue*. Enhanced quinoline removal by zero-valent iron coupled novel anaerobic processes: performance and underlying function analysis. RSC Advances, 2019.1.15, 9: 1176~1186.

         Yanqing Duan, Aijuan Zhou*, Kaili Wen, Zhihong Liu, Wenzong Liu, Aijie Wang and Xiuping Yue*. Upgrading VFAs bioproduction from waste activated sludge via co-fermentation with soy sauce residue [J]. Frontiers of Environmental Science and Engineering, 2019, 13: 3-13.

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