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SANG Shengbo

SANG Shengbo

Ph.D., professor, doctoral tutor, dean of the School of Information and Computer, Taiyuan University of Technology.


In November 2010, he received the doctor's degree of Bio-Micro-Electro-Mechanics from Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany. He was a senior visiting scholar at Harvard University from 2017 to 2018. Professor Sang has obtained the National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, and is an expert of the “Scientific Instruments and Equipment” project of National Ministry of Science and Technology, a distinguished professor of “Young Scholar of the Three Jin Dynasty” from Shanxi Province, the director of Shanxi Provincial Innovation Team and the “1331 Engineering” Key Laboratory, the leader of the intelligent sensing component of the science and technology innovation team in the key areas of the National Ministry of Science and Technology. He was awarded “Top Young and Middle-aged Innovative Talents of Shanxi Province”,Outstanding Youth Talents Program of Shanxi Province”, Top Young Academic Leaders of Higher Learning Institutions of Shanxi Province”. Now he is the director of Micro and Nano Devices and Systems Technology Branch of Chinese Instrument Association, and a member of the Artificial Intelligence Branch of the Chinese Biomedical Engineering Society.


Professor Sang is mainly dedicated to micro-nano sensing and testing technology, as well as basic scientific issues and key technology research in the field of biological 3D regeneration technology. He combines micro-nano sensing and 3D technology with biomedicine to carry out interdisciplinary and superior integration, and develop the research on theory and system integration of biology no-label testing of micro-nano sensor. He has presided more than 15 projects, including the National Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Natural Science Foundation, and other provincial and ministerial level projects. He has published more than 100 academic papers indexed by SCI, 1 English monograph and 3 Chinese books, authorizing more than 20 national patents, 2 US patents, and 4 software copyrights for invention. He won a second prize for scientific and technological progress in Shanxi Province, a second prize for scientific research outstanding achievements in Shanxi Province, and a third prize for science and technology in Shanxi Province.

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