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NIU Baoning

NIU Baoning

College of Information and Computers

Taiyuan University of Technology


Baoning Niu holds the Ph.D. degree from Queen’s University, the Master’s degree from the 15th Research Institute of the Ministry of Electronic Industry, and the Bachelor’s degree from Taiyuan University of Technology. He is now a professor at the School of Information and Computer. He is a member of CCF, ACM, and IEEE, and serves as the member of several technical committees of CCF, including Databases, Multimedia, Blockchain, and Information Systems, as well as the member of the Technical Committee on Multimedia Computing, ACM.

Baoning Niu’s research interests primarily fall in the area of data management and knowledge engineering, with emphasis on the management and analysis of multimedia big data, spatial big data, and cloud data, as well as the performance management of database systems. He is the best paper award winner of ICAS 2011 and CASCON 2006, has published more than 60 papers, including highly recognized, peer reviewed journals, such as IEEE TMM, and holds or applied 7 patents of invention. He has been the principle investigator of more than 20 research projects, receive funding from NSFC, MOST, MOE, DOST of Shanxi, etc.


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