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Three Reports from College of Mining Engineering

Time: 8.30-12.00 a.m., April 3, 2019, Wednesday

Venue: Lecture Hall, 2nd floor of Science Building, Yingxi Campus

Title: A Current Volcanic Related Project Topic

Speaker: lan Graham, Senior Lecturer, University of New South Wales

His research interests include igneous petrology, geochronology, genesis of mineral deposits, applied geochemistry and mineralogy. He has ever studied mineral deposits in Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Laos, Greece and South Africa. He is currently the regional director of SW Pacific at IAGOD, and deputy editor of International Journal of Coal Geology and Mineralogical Magazine.

Title: Modes of Occurrence of Trace Elements in Coal Health Impacts of the Elements in Coal

Speaker: Bob Finkelman, professor at Department of Earth Science, University of Texas at Dallas

Chief founder of Medical Geology and President of International Society of Medical Geology

He has been investigating and studying the effects of trace elements in coal on human health since his PhD. He is an internationally renowned coal geochemist. He has published more than 200 papers, among which more than 100 articles are retrieved in SCI and have been cited more than 4,000 times, in such leading international journals as Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, International Journal of Coal Geology and Fuel.

Title: Mineral Matter Occurrence and Origin Mineral Matter Analytical Techniques

Speaker: David French, professor at University of New South Wales

His main research area is advanced mineral analysis technology and its application in coal geology. He is good at SEM, EMP, PIXE and other micro-area analysis technology. He has conducted a large number of studies on the occurrence and transformation characteristics of minerals in coal and coal utilization. He is one of the international academic leaders in coal mineralogy. He is also the editor of International Journal of Coal Geology. He has published more than 300 papers in important international publications such as Chemical Geology, Fuel, Energy & Fuels, International Journal of Coal Geology.

From College of Mining Engineering

Translated and Edited by Weiwei Wang

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