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Dislocation Engineering: A Promising Alloy Design Strategy

Time: 15.00-16.00, April 19th, 2019, Friday

Venue: Meeting Room, 8th Floor, College of Material Science and Engineering

Speaker: Mingxin Huang, tenured vice-professor, College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, University of Hong Kong


A new alloy design concept based on Dislocation Engineering is illustrated in the present work. This dislocation engineering concept has been successfully substantiated by the design and fabrication of a deformed and partitioned (D&P) steel with a yield strength of 2.2 GPa and an uniform elongation of 16% |1|. In the D&P steel, high dislocation density can not only increase strength but also improve ductility. Such Dislocation Engineering concept is further employed for other steels and Mg alloys, showing promising results. It opens a new window for alloy design.

[1JB.B. He, B. Hu, H.W. Yen, G.J. Cheng, Z.K. Wang. H.W. Luo*, M.X. Huang* 2017 "High dislocation density induced large ductility in deformed and partitioned steels", Science, 357, 1029


From Key Laboratory of Interface Science and Engineering in Advanced Materials, Ministry of Educaiton

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