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Metastable High-entropy Alloys

Time: 10.00-12.00, April 26th, 2019, Friday

Venue: Lecture Room 701, Yifu Building, Yingxi Campus

Speaker: Zhiming Li

Distinguished Professor at Central South University in China

Head of the high entropy alloy research group at Max Planck Institute for steel research in Germany


The concept of high-entropy alloys (HEAs) has drawn great attention as it opens a new realm of compositional opportunities for designing novel materials with exceptional mechanical, physical and chemical properties. HEAs were originally proposed to contain multiple principal elements in near- equimolar ratios to stabilize single- phase solid solutions through maximizing configurational entropy. By overturning this original concept which targets for the formation of single-phase solid solution, we recently developed a novel class of HEAs with multiple compositionally equivalent high-entropy phases and transformation-induced plasticity. In this talk I will first introduce this type of metastable HEAs by shedding light on the corresponding design principles and highlighting their superior strength-ductility combinations compared to the corresponding single phase HEAs. Then I will introduce the recent new findings on the fundamental mechanisms underlying the transformation behavior in the metastable HEAS. Also, recent work by our research group on microstructural design of the metastable HEAs to further enhance the mechanical properties at various temperatures will be presented.


From College of Materials Science and Engineering

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