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Utility Deregulation and the Introduction of ERCOT Market

Time: 16.00 p.m., May 20th, 2019, Monday

Venue: Lecture Hall, 2nd floor, Science Building,Yingxi Campus

Speaker: Professor Wei-Jen Lee

Prof. Lee has been involved in research on utility deregulation, renewable energy, smart grid, microgrid, energy internet and virtual power plants (VPP), are flash hazards and electrical safety, load and wind capacity forecasting, power quality, distribution automation and demand side management, power systems analysis, online real-time equipment diagnostic and prognostic system, and microcomputer based instrument for power systems monitoring, measurement, control, and protection. He has served as the primary investigator (PI) or Co-PI of over one hundred funded research projects with the total amount exceed US $16 million dollars. He has published more than one hundred and fifty journal papers and two hundred sixty conference proceedings. He has provided on-site training courses for power engineers in Panama, China, Taiwan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and Singapore. He has refereed numerous technical papers for IEEE, IET, and other professional organization. Pro. Lee is a Fellow of IEEE and registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas.


The opening of the Electric Reliability Council or Texas (ERCOT) grid to wholesale competition began in 1996 that initiated the first stage of deregulation in Texas. The Electric Reliability Council or Texas (ERCOT) is one of 10 regional reliability councils in the North American Electric Reliability Council Corporation (NERC). The ERCOT 150 has the responsibilities of ensuring reliable power grid operations in the ERCOT region jointly with the electrical energy industry organizations that operate within that region, ensuing open access to transmission ERCOT wide and distribution systems in areas permitting competition, ensuring the timely conveyance of market information to market participants, and ensuring accurate accounting of power produced and delivered.

To support these roles the ERCOT ISO focuses on the development, implementation, and ongoing management of reliable market and operation systems, transmission planning, retail mechanics supporting retail choice, accountable and reliable wholesale and billing systems, and financial risks strategies. The Electric Reliability Council or Texas (ERCOT) offers a variety of services to Texas electricity market participants and prospective participants.

This presentation gives brief history of utility deregulation in the US and the transition of ERCOT system from traditional vertically integrated system to the deregulated market.


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