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Zeolite Catalysts for Conversion of Bio - based Feedstocks


Title: Zeolite Catalysts for Conversion of Bio - based Feedstocks

Speaker: Elias Klemm, Universität Stuttgar

Venue: Lecture Room, 3rd floor, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Time: 15.00, Sept. 16, 2019/9/16


Research Areas:

1. Nanoporous solid materials like zeolites, metal organic frameworks, mesoporous silica and carbon nano materials.

2. Heterogeneous catalysis with focus on electrocatalysis, energy-related catalysis, selective (de)hydrogenation and oxidation reactions

3. Operando techniques in catalysis like solid-state NMR, IR, and XRD.

4. Reaction engineering investigations like selectivity/conversion optimization, spacetime yield and  faraday and energy efficiency maximization as well as kinetic measurements, basic engineering and scale-up.



Co-feeding bio-oil to vacuum gas oil in the FCC process (so-called Co-FCC) and lactic acid dehydration to acrylic acid. Adjusting the acidic/basic and electrophilic/nucleophilic properties of zeolites as well as the geometric constraint yielded optimum zeolite catalysts for the respective application. Hierarchical structures should allow to further optimize the catalysts.

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