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Student Exchange

Student Exchange

The deepening of the process of internationalization of Taiyuan University of Technology directly increased the level of globalization of its students. TYUT encourages the students to experience international environments. For this reason, TYUT has launched several cooperation initiatives and international exchanges at all levels, fully implemented TYUT’s Students Worldwide Flow project, and ultimately expanded its academic horizons.

TYUT offers several opportunities to study abroad to the students, such as Joint Cultivation programs, N+N Programs, Semester and Year Exchange programs, Government and Organizational scholarships, and overseas summer and winter camps.

N+N Programs: TYUT has established a 3+2 Joint Cultivation Program with University of Ottawa in Canada, 3+2, and 2+2 Joint Cultivation Program with the University of Missouri, 3+2, and 2+2 Joint Cultivation Program with the University of Central Oklahoma, semester and year exchange programs with University of West Florida, University of West Virginia, Purdue University in the United States, and many others.

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