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Ren Youqun, Director of the Teacher Education Department of the Ministry of Education,and his delegation visited TYUT

On the afternoon of December 14, Ren Youqun, Director of the Teacher Education Department of the Ministry of Education, Yang Yu, Deputy Director of the Office of National Education Inspection of the Ministry of Education and the Education Inspection Committee of the State Council, and relevant members in the Ministry of Education came to TYUT for investigation. Wang Dong, the member of Shanxi Provincial Education Department and the CPC Leadership Group of Shanxi Provincial Education Department, and relevant members of Shanxi Provincial Education Department were present.

The symposium was held in the meeting room 212 of the main administrative building of Mingxiang campus. Huang Qingxue, the president of TYUT and the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Lv Yongkang, the vice president of TYUT, and the heads of relevant departments of TYUT attended the meeting.

On behalf of the CPC Committee of TYUTHuang Qingxue extended a warm welcome to Ren Youqun. He introduced the basic situation of the school and expressed sincere thanks to the Ministry of Education for its long-term care and support to TYUT. He also introduced the school's landmark achievements in the construction of the teaching staff, especially in vigorously implementing the strategy of strengthening the school through talents and continuously optimizing the structure of the teaching staff. He said that in the future, TYUT would stay firmly committed to the talents introduction, continue to in-depth promote the strategy of strengthening the school through talents, and  provide a solid guarantee for the school's "Double First-class" construction and connotative development. Also, TYUT will further promote the comprehensive reform and accelerate the construction of "Double First-Class", promoting the development of various undertakings to a better level.

With the title of deepening the reform of talents development through introducing and cultivating simultaneously, providing solid talents support for the construction of “Double First-Class”, Lv Yongkang introduced the historical evolution, outstanding talents, discipline construction, scientific research platform, scientific and technological achievements, international cooperation, as well as the construction of talent team and the reform of system and mechanism for talent development.

After listening to the report, director Ren Youqun made an in-depth analysis of the status of higher education in Shanxi province,fully affirmed and praised the vigorous development of our university. He pointed out that though the existing construction funds and scientific research funds were limited, TYUT adhered to optimizing the allocation of resources, attached great importance to the introduction of high-level talents, and focused on strengthening the reform in talent development. It is worth mentioning that the Qiushi college carried out "teachers queuing", "counselors queuing" and "students queuing". Through the classification and evaluation of teaching achievements and special scientific research achievements, the structure of teaching staff  has been continuously optimized, forming a gratifying progress led by five academicians. The experience is commendable and of great significance for promotion.

At the symposium, Ren Youqun put forward specific guiding opinions on strengthening the construction of teachers' team: firstly, we should strengthen the construction of teachers' morality and ideological work; secondly, we should further clarify the responsibilities and tasks of teachers' work, and standardize the division of labor among the committees scientifically and reasonably; thirdly, it is necessary to actively explore the "double leader" system of Party building, give full play to the advanced nature of CPC, and attract more excellent teachers to join the CPC. Fourthly, in the ideological and political courses, we should fully cite living cases for "four histories" education and other teaching contents to stimulate and lead students' historical pride. Meanwhile, the education resources of Red Army in Shanxi province should be fully integrated and situational teaching methods should be added to the training of new teachers.

      During the investigation, Ren Youqun and his delegatuion also went to the Institute of New Carbon Materials, the College of Art and other places for visits.


      Editor: Hao Jiamin, Lian Zirong

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