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The 2020 Confucius Institute Council Meeting of the University of Kabul was Held

On December 30, the 2020 Confucius Institute Council Meeting of the University of Kabul was held online. Lv Yongkang, Chinese vice president of the Council and the vice president of TYUT, Mohamed Osman Babri, foreign president of the Council and President of the University of Kabul were present. The members of the Council attended the meeting.

During the meeting, on behalf of Zheng Qiang, Secretary of the CPC Committee of TYUT and Huang Qingxue, President of TYUT, LV Yongkang extended greetings to President Babri and all colleagues of the University of Kabul, and expressed his gratitude to the University of Kabul for its support in the development of the Confucius Institute over the years. He pointed out that Afghanistan is a friendly neighbor of China, and the Afghan people and the Chinese people are as intimate as brothers. At the time of COVID-19 outbreak and the epidemic prevention and control in China, the teachers and students in Kabul have been strongly supporting the Chinese people's struggle against the disease.

The people of China and Afghan, the teachers and students of the two universities stand together through thick and thin, which is the foundation and internal driving force for the joint construction of the Confucius Institute. Lv hopes that the two sides continue to promote pragmatic cooperation, so that more Afghan students can learn Chinese and understand Chines culture through studying abroad in TYUT, and more Afghan youth could participate in the two countries' exchanges and the construction of Belt and Road Initiative.

Babri appreciated TYUT's positive attitude towards cooperation. He said that the Confucius Institute of Kabul University provides a good platform and opportunity for the Afghan people to understand China and promote language and cultural exchanges between the two sides. He will firmly support the development of the Confucius Institute and its exchanges and cooperation with TYUT.

The meeting voted and approved the members of the new Council. The Chinese President of the Confucius Institute reported on the work in 2020 and the work plan in 2021. The directors of the two sides exchanged in-depth views on the challenges faced by the development of the Confucius Institute, and the expansion and implementation of Intercollegiate exchanges between the two universities, reaching a preliminary consensus.

Editor: Gao Yu

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