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The Announcement of "2020 Presidential Scholarship of Taiyuan University of Technology"

On the afternoon of January 5, TYUT held the Award Ceremony of "2020 Presidential Scholarship of Taiyuan University of Technology" in the Lecture Hall of the Administrative Building of Mingxiang campus. 32 outstanding students won the Presidential Scholarship. Huang Qingxue, academician of CAE and President of TYUT, presented awards to the winners in turn and took photos with them.

Liu Runxiang, deputy secretary of the CPC committee of TYUT, and Lv Yongkang, vice president of TYUT, attended the award ceremony. Members of the 2020 Presidential Scholarship Evaluation Committee, heads of relevant departments and student representatives also attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Liu Runxiang .

LV Yongkang read out the list of winners of the 2020 Presidential Scholarship of TYUT.

Huang Qing extended his heartfelt congratulations to the students who won the scholarship. He presented the Honorary Certificate to each of them and took photos with them one by one. Representatives of the Award-winning students presented flowers to Huang Qingxue to express their gratitude.

Huang Qingxue said in his speech that the "Presidential Scholarship" placed great expectations on the students from the CPC committee and all teaching staff of TYUT. It is not only an honor, but also a responsibility. 2021 is the first year for China in finishing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and achieving the first centenary goal. We must build on this achievements to embark on a new journey towards the second centenary goal of fully building a modern socialist country. The vast number of young students are the witnesses and participants of the great era. It is expected that young students have a powerful sense of mission and responsibility, keep General Secretary Xi Jinping's sincere instructions to contemporary college students in mind, and have dreams, pursuits, responsibilities, deeds, qualities, and decency. The young generation should keep firm ideals and convictions, aim high and become a well-rounded socialist builder and reliable successor. It is hoped that on the basis of the achievements, the awardee will continue to study hard, cultivate innovative ideas and ability, link their personal future with the destiny of the motherland, and make great contributions to the construction of a modern socialist country.

He pointed out that the whole university should learn from the outstanding students who have been commended. Under their leadership and influence, other students’ enthusiasm for learning will be higher, and the learning effect will be better. It is expected that others could be inspired  to become the first-class talents needed by the national construction and development.

Liu Runxiang encouraged everyone to forge ahead in the future life, cultivate excellent skills, temper moral cultivation, bear the responsibility of the times, and write the most brilliant chapter of youth.

The Presidential Scholarship of Taiyuan University of technology is set up around the educational philosophy of "student-centered", in order to encourage the majority of students to strengthen their ideals and beliefs, cultivate their professional interests, enhance their innovative spirit, and select talents that meet the requirements of the new era. In 2020, the Presidential Scholarship of Taiyuan University of Technology has gone through the process of individual application, selection by each college, announcement by the colleges, and review by the Presidential Scholarship Evaluation Committee, and finally 32 excellent students have been selected.

Editor: Gao Yu, Lian Zirong

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