Recruitment of Foreign Experts and Teachers at Taiyuan University of Technology (TYUT)


To Taiyuan University of Technology as long-term or short-term foreign experts or teachers

Long-term or Short-term Foreign Experts/Teachers.

TYUT is located in Taiyuan, capital city of Shanxi province, China (one-hour journey by plane or three-hour journey by high-speed train from/to Beijing). It is the only university in Shanxi province that is in the “211 Program” list -- a national higher education promotion program for 100 top universities in the 21st century in China.According to the “2014 top 200 cities with livable competitiveness in China”released by CASS (Research Center for City and Competitiveness), Taiyuan has been ranked among the top 100 livable cities, suitable for teaching and working. In 2015, there are 230 days with good air quality in urban Taiyuan.


A.    Language teachers:

  1. Native speakers of English, Japanese, Russian or German;

  2. Bachelor’s degree or above;

  3. Having received professional training in language teaching (preferably with a TESOL, TEFEL or CELTA certificate);

  4. 2 or more years of language teaching experiences;

  5. The weekly workload is 16-18 teaching hours;

  6. Do not exceed 60 years of age.

B.     Experts in other special fields:

  1. Doctoral degree is a minimum

  2. The weekly workload is 30 teaching hours;

  3. Do not exceed 60 years of age.

Salary and Benefits:

A.    Salary:

Monthly salary is based on the applicant’s educational background, work experience, and other qualifications.

No salary is paid during the summer vacation (from July 1st to August 30th).

1.      Bachelor’s degree, CNY 8,000/month;

2.      Master’s Degree, CNY 10,000/month;

3.      Ph.D, CNY 12,000/month;

4.      An associate professor with Ph.D., CNY 15,000/month;

5.      A professor with Ph.D., CNY 20,000/month.

B.     Benefits:

1. An apartment (about 55 square meters), on campus, free of charge, equipped with a bedroom, a sitting-room, a kitchenette, a bathroom, an air-conditioner, a colour TV set, a refrigerator, a washing machine, a bed, a sofa and cooking utensils with hot water available.

2. Those who sign on for a full academic year or more shall receive an annual travel allowance of CNY 2,200 and reimbursement for a round-trip international airfare upon the completion of a one-year contract.

To apply, please submit the following:

A detailed current resume;

1-2 daily photos;

A photocopy of your passport, degree and other educational certification.

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Guo Jing   

Tel: 86-351-6018290     

QQ: 279813077

Fax: 86-351-6041142