Local & Enterprise Partnerships

TYUT has always focused on Shanxi’s economy development, sticking to the three major goals: constructing the resource-based economic transformation demonstration area, spearheading the energy revolutionary and building new opening-up platforms of inland areas. TYUT aims to further expand the university - regional cooperation by vigorously cultivating advanced equipment manufacturing industries including orbit transportation, electric power equipment, heavy machinery, energy conservation and environmental protection, and promoting the scientific research cooperation of industry clusters including new materials, new energy vehicles, big data, and general aviation.

Since 2011, TYUT has been closely engaged with the needs of local economic development, actively transferring key research results to technical cooperation regions and enterprises, having signed 3,626 technical contracts worth RMB 810 million. Some of the successful cases include: co-establishing series projects with the Coal Conversion Technology Joint Laboratory at Shannxi Coal Chemical Industry Technology Research Institute in 2012, MTO related technology transformation with Taiyuan Dacheng Environmental Energy and Chemical Engineering in 2015, and the CBM-Diamond Synthesis technology research projects with Yangquan Coal Industry CBM-Diamond Synthesis.

In order to better serve the needs of local and regional economic development, further innovate the university-running mode, deepen the integration of industry and education, promote teaching reform, strengthen university-enterprise cooperation, and promote the integration of industry, education and research, TYUT established the university-enterprise (local) cooperation committee in 2018, and has cooperated with a number of enterprises and governments to jointly establish research institutes, joint research centers (or joint technology centers), joint research institutes, etc., actively integrating various resources and promoting the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.

The mode of cooperation is tailored to local requirements and follows the principle of " Led by local governments, directly benefiting enterprises " or " Led by universities and local governments, benefiting both universities and enterprises”. The innovative "research funding support + base" model established by TYUT is to support transformation projects with specific funds, which provides an important guarantee for the effective operation of university-regional cooperation and promotes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into actual productivity gains.

Overseas Partnerships

Since 2011, TYUT has carried out the international cooperation of science and technology with the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and other countries in the field of coal chemical industry, materials, information and machinery, undertaking more than 110 projects with financial support worth over RMB 50 million including international science and technology cooperation projects, the national key research & development plan – the specific project of intergovernmental international science and technology innovation cooperation, National Natural Science Foundation key international (regional) cooperation and exchanges projects, international technology cooperation plan of Shanxi Province.