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TYUT Holds the Opening Ceremony for the 2020 Undergraduates

      On the morning of September 21st, the opening ceremony for the 2020 undergraduates in TYUT was held on Mingxiang campus. The arrival of nearly 8,000 undergraduates has made the century-old university more youthful and splendid.

      Zheng Qiang, the Secretary of the CPC Committee of TYUT, Huang Qingxue, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of TYUT, and the leaders of TYUT Li Jinping, Liu Runxiang, Zhai Jian, Lu Yongkang, and Wu Douqing attended the opening ceremony and wore the school badge for the freshmen representatives. The opening ceremony was co-hosted by Liu Runxiang, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of TYUT, and Niu Xialin, an undergraduate of the college of biomedical engineering. Representatives of teachers, parents of freshmen, and alumni, and heads of departments (units) attended the opening ceremony.

      The opening ceremony kicked off with the solemn national anthem. Huang Qingxue extended his warmest welcome to the arrival of the undergraduates and gave a speech entitled "the way of struggling has no end, the passport to success is diligence". He encourages the undergraduates to establish lofty ideals and ambitions in the new era, maintain the passion for struggle, and stick to learning.

He pointed out that ideals are not only the goal of hard work, but also the direction of unremitting pursuit. On the journey of realizing the "Two Centenary Goals”, the students must be ambitious and strive to make contributions to the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. He emphasized that the university stage is an important period for building a professional knowledge system and consolidating basic knowledge. The undergraduates are expected to adapt to the university life as soon as possible, seek the true meaning of university life, and concentrate on learning with no distractions.

"Practice brings true knowledge." Huang Qingxue warned that students need to not only have lofty ideal, but also put it into practice. 2020 witnesses the time for TYUT to accelerate the construction of "double first-class" and achieve the strategic goals of a comprehensive, research-oriented, high-level first-class university on a new starting point. The students have to be pragmatic and enterprising, work hard and seize the moment, and make contributions to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Li Libo, the representative of the faculty, the winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, top-notch talents of “San Jin”, the first author of the first "Science" paper in Shanxi Province, and the professor of the college of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, shared his views on the patriotism and the love for the university based on his experience. “As Chinese, we must love our great motherland deeply." He encouraged his students to take on the responsibilities given by history, dare to make breakthroughs and innovations, and firmly master the core technology in the hands of the Chinese. We must love our university and contribute to the development of TYUT.

Wang Wencheng, the representative of the freshmen's parents of Qiushi College, delivered a speech. He hoped that the students can become excellent talents who build the motherland, contribute to the society, and serve the people.

Lv Jinyuthe alumnus of our university, the deputy secretary-general of China Young Entrepreneurs Association, the vice chairman of the Shanxi Youth Federation, and the vice chairman of the alumni association of TYUT and the chairman of Yuangong Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd. , delivered a speech. He encouraged students to have firm ideals and beliefs, study hard, and strengthen skills, giving full play to the new journey of China’s comprehensive modernization.

During the construction of "double first-class" university, all teaching and administrative staff  need to shoulder their responsibility. Representatives of teacherssenior students, and freshmen from different colleges recited "Youth and the Motherland" in the form of poetry, expressing  their affections to TYUT at the opening ceremony.

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