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TYUT Welcomes the 2020 Freshmen

On the evening of October 9th, TYUT held a welcome party with the theme of Youth and the Motherland for the 2020 freshmen at the West Playground on Mingxiang Campus. Zheng Qiang, secretary of the CPC Committee of TYUT, and Li Jinping and Liu Runxiang, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of TYUT, attended the gala together with the on-site teachers and students.

 With the impassioned chorus sung by the art troupe of TYUT, the gala officially kicked off. Zheng Qiang extended cordial greetings to all teachers and students.

 He encouraged the freshmen to love their parents, homeland, teachers and classmates in his speech. He profoundly explained the inner meaning of "love". It is critical to strengthen students’ moral education from loving their parents. It is necessary to create a bright future from loving the homeland. It is important to remember the earnest instructions from loving teachers. It is essential to harvest profound friendship from loving classmates.

 Zheng Qiang hoped that the students will have good health, personalities and academic atmosphere in TYUT. The inspiring speech won rounds of applause from the audience.

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