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TYUT is Selected as a Pilot University of National Intellectual Property in 2020

 In recent years, relying on scientific research and the orientation of transformation and development, TYUT has improved the quantity and quality in the creation, management and application of intellectual property rights.

 The number of valid patents in China has exceeded 2,400 and 44 foreign patents have been authorized. Besides, TYUT was awarded National Outstanding Innovation in 2017 and 2019, and successively won the first prize in the first and second Shanxi Provincial Patent Awards. With the rapid growth of transforming scientific technologies into products, a batch of excellent patented technologies have been successfully transformed, such as the transformation of coal-bed methane into diamond, which provides strong technical support for the major national strategic layouts, including the transformation and upgrading of regional industries and the pilot projects of national energy revolution.

Being a pilot university of national intellectual property is a major breakthrough that TYUT has made in terms of intellectual property management, service, and platform construction. In the next stage, TYUT will follow the requirements of the "National Intellectual Property Pilot University Construction Work Plan" and the "Several Suggestions on Improving the Quality of Higher Universities' Patents to Promote the Application of Transformation". TYUT will solidly serve for the construction of pilot universities, and greatly improve the quality, application, management and service of innovation. It is necessary to integrate the intellectual property system with scientific and technological innovation, giving full play to our university's "double first-class" construction.

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