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The Sci-Tech Innovation Conference of TYUT Opened

On the morning of February 28th, TYUT held the Science and Technology Innovation Conference at the Student Activity Center of Mingxiang Campus. Ma Jun, the member of Shanxi Provincial Education Department and the CPC Leadership Group of Shanxi Provincial Education Department, Niu Qingshan, the member of the CPC Leadership Group of Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Department and the Deputy Director of Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Department, Wu Yongjun, Director of the Basic Research and Overseas Projects Department of the SCI-TECH Academy of Zhejiang University, Zheng Qiang, Secretary of the CPC Committee of TYUT, Huang Qingxue, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of TYUT, and the university authorities including Li Jinping, Liu Runxiang, Zhai Jian, Lu Yongkang, Shu Xuefeng, Zhang Xianming, Feng Guorui, and Sun Hongbin attended the conference.

The conference was held in two stages. Li Jinping, deputy secretary of the CPC committee of TYUT, and Feng Guorui, the vice president of TYUT presided over the two sessions respectively.

Ma Jun, on behalf of the Shanxi Provincial Education Department, congratulated the convening of the conference and affirmed the outstanding achievements of TYUT in science and technology. He pointed out that 2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and it is also the beginning year of Shanxi’s "14th Five-Year Plan" transformation. Colleges and universities, as the cradle of science and technology, talents and innovation, are obliged to shoulder the heavy responsibility. As the leader among colleges and universities across Shanxi province, Taiyuan University of Technology must keep its mission in mind, shoulder heavy responsibilities, focus on talents and innovation-driven development strategies, continuously deepen the innovation system and mechanism, further strengthen basic research, strive to produce a batch of innovative products, solve technological problems, strengthen applied research, and effectively improve the ability of service transformation. Besides, higher education should strengthen the combination of scientific research, discipline construction, ideological and political work, teaching and other central tasks, and improve the level of morality enhancement and talents cultivation. It is necessary to maximize the creative vitality of talents, promote the in-depth integration of technological innovation and economic development, and continuously inject new vitality into Shanxi's energy revolution and transformation development. He said that the Shanxi Provincial Education Department will give Taiyuan University of Technology greater support in the "1331" project and the "double first-class" construction.

In his speech, Niu Qingshan praised our school for resolutely implementing the major arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the Shanxi Provincial CPC Committee, adhering to the new development concept, and placing scientific and technological innovation as an important measure to promote the TYUT’s "double first-class" construction and high-quality development. On behalf of the Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Department, He expressed heartfelt gratitude to the vast number of scientific and technological workers in TYUT, and congratulations to the commended collectives and individuals. He said that the Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Department will further transform the functions of  government, continue to reduce the burden on scientific researchers, deepen the reform of streamlining the government, delegating power, and improving government services, and actively support and serve the technological innovation of TYUT. It is hoped that Taiyuan University of Technology can follow the strategic requirements of the Shanxi provincial CPC committee for the  basic research,original innovation, and talent training. The improvement of innovation is placed in a more prominent position. The "111" and "1331" projects should be promoted efficiently, and the promotion and upgrade of “double first-class” construction of TYUT ought to be accelerated. The quality of talent training, the level of scientific and technological innovation and the ability to serve the development of Shanxi are continuously improved. Innovation culture will provide a strong intellectual support for the transformation and development.

At the meeting, taking "Practice and Thinking of Building a More Excellent Scientific Research and Innovation Ecosystem" as the topic, Wu Yongjun introduced the overall situation of Zhejiang University, especially its outstanding achievements in scientific and technological innovation, combining with the specific conditions of Zhejiang University's school goals, campus distribution, discipline construction, professional settings, faculty team, scientific research team, talent training, etc. Also, he elaborated on Zhejiang University’s scientific research in scale and growth rate, talent teams, project advantages, capacity of running major projects, scientific and technological innovation base layout, scientific research awards, the publish of top scientific papers, the trends of applying research results to production, cooperation with local governments and enterprises, international scientific and technological cooperation, and scientific research on epidemic prevention. Based on the country's general requirements for scientific and technological work, Wu analyzed the current situation and challenges of scientific research development and shared his own thinking about the future work.

“High-level universities must focus on technological innovation.” Zheng Qiang, secretary of the CPC committee of TYUT, explained in detail the concept, meaning and value of technological innovation in his speech, and interpreted the connotation of innovation from multiple dimensions of history, reality and the future. "Taiyuan University of Technology is located in Taiyuan , Shanxi, but we have to look at the world." Zheng Qiang pointed out that the progress of human society is the result of scientific and technological innovation. Scientific and technological innovation should adhere to the basic forward-looking principle and dare to support "fantastic ideas"; implement the principle of application-oriented and be good at organizing technical research; be brave to accept challenges and failures. Technological innovation is a curious exploration to the unknown world, but also like a brave challenge to the mountains and deep gully; technological innovation should move forward piously, and also should work persistently. "To see whether a university is good or not, we must first look at its scientific research and talent training." Zheng Qiang pointed out that we must update our concepts. Combining with the current status of higher education in China and the actual development of universities in the central and western regions, and through a large number of detailed data and examples, he emphasized that universities should "cultivate talents with profession and expertise". Universities’ reputation should rely on students and disciplines, universities’ development should rely on scholars and academic research. TYUT could achieve progress and win dignity through struggle, reform, and innovation. He asked the whole university should implement the important instructions during General Secretary Xi Jinping’ s inspection tour in Shanxi. The whole school should gather together and form a joint force to innovate and develop, and achieve "three enhancements", that is the quality of education, academic levels and the service capabilities; stimulate the original motivation, liberate productivity, enhance innovation, and form joint forces. The whole school should devote great enthusiasm to the school's scientific and technological innovation, to embark on a road to develop Taiyuan University of Technology, and make contributions to the transformation and development of Shanxi.

Huang Qingxue gave a report entitled "Deeply Rooted in the Land of China to Promote Scientific and Technological Innovation, Contribute to the Implementation of the Strategy of Strengthening the Country through Science and Technology and the Construction of "Double First Class" of TYUT". The report pointed out that during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the comprehensive indicators of the school's scientific research projects and the introduction of talents have reached a new level, the capacity of organizing and undertaking "big projects" has risen to a new level, and the scientific research platform and team building have been created. In the new era, universities, enterprises, government, industries, and research teams have frequently made new achievements; scientific and technological achievements have steadily accumulated , military scientific research has shown new results, and international cooperation has reached a new height. The report emphasizes that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, TYUT must adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era, and firmly follow the connotative development path of strengthening the school through science and technology; vigorously promote the spirit of scientists, eliminate the “Five Stereotypes”, and create a healthy academic ecology; consolidate the foundation of scientific research platforms; perfect the job of attracting talents, cultivating talents, and employing talents to create a "Big team" which matches the development of research-oriented university; persistently strengthen basic research, comprehensively improve applied research, and strive to undertake more national “big projects”; comprehensively improve the transformation of applying technology to products, and strive to produce “achievements” that promote the high-quality development of the country and Shanxi's economy; Further improve the layout and construction of industry-university-research platforms, strengthen cooperation with local government and enterprises, and demonstrate the "hardcore" strength of scientific research; give full play to the "leading" role of science and engineering disciplines, and increase support and cultivation of characteristic humanities and social sciences; modernize the system and capabilities of university goverance and accelerate the construction of a more outstanding innovation ecosystem.

Feng Guorui summarized the scientific and technological work of the university in the past two years, including the accounting of scientific research projects, the application and completion of various projects, the situation of high-level scientific research talents and teams, the achievements of research cooperation among universities, local governments and enterprises, the breakthrough in the application and evaluation of scientific research platforms, patent authorization and transformation, scientific research management, etc. Besides, from the aspects of academic atmosphere, project output, service for local economic construction, cultivation of young teachers, establishment and improvement of innovation system,  scientific research mechanism, and scientific research management, he analyzed the existing problems and root causes of our scientific research work, and reported the ideas and measures of our scientific research work in 2021.

The conference commended the advanced collectives and individuals with scientific and technological innovation in 2020. Liu Runxiang, deputy secretary of the CPC committee of TYUT, read out the awards list. Representatives of advanced collectives and individuals made speeches respectively, and expressed that they would remain true to their original aspiration and keep their mission firmly in mind, cherish their honor, forge ahead and make persistent efforts, constantly play the exemplary leading role of advanced models in scientific and technological innovation, cultivate new kinetic energy for innovation and development, and take advantage of the opportunity to make greater contributions to a comprehensive,  research-oriented, high-level and first-class university.

After the conference, the participants and all of the scientific and technological workers expressed that they would learn from the commended collectives and individuals, practice the spirit of scientists in the new era, stimulate the innovation power, release the innovation vitality, tap the innovation potential, and strive to create a first-class innovation ecology and start a new journey of building a high-level and first-class university. According to the general ideal and requirements of Shanxi provincial CPC Committee, TYUT will firmly establish the development concept of "innovation first", stand on the overall situation of high-quality transformation development, and forge ahead towards the goal of a comprehensive, research-oriented, high-level and first-class university.

Editor: Lian Zirong,Hao Jiamin

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