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To Promote the Cooperation Between TYUT and Israeli Universities


       In order to further promote the in-depth cooperation between TYUT and Israeli universities, on March 24th, TYUT held a meeting on Yingxi campus. Han Ruiyong, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of Shanxi Provincial Education Department, and his delegation attended the meeting. The relevant person in charge of the International&Cooperation Office of TYUT presided over the meeting. Zhuo Kai, the deputy director of the Micro-Nano System Research Center of the College of Information and Computer, and Shi Xiufeng, the director of the General Administration Office of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering participated in the meeting, as a representative of cooperative colleges with Israel.

        Han Ruiyong conveyed the important instructions of Secretary Lou Yangsheng and Vice Governor Wu Wei on cooperation between Shanxi Province and Israel and the thought of further strengthening the opening up of Shanxi Province’s education to the outside world. He reviewed the background of cooperation and exchanges between Shanxi Province and Israel, and listened to the introduction of international cooperation office on the progress and plan of the school’s contact with Israel, as well as the report of representative teachers on the subject research and cooperation intention. He emphasized that the cooperation between Taiyuan University of Technology and Israeli higher education institutions must achieve the following three points: raise awareness---deepen understanding of the cooperation with Israel; focus on the overall situation---plan the blueprint for cooperation; start from details---clarify responsibilities in depth and achieve joint promotion and accurate support.

      On behalf of the school, the International Cooperation Office expressed its gratitude to the delegation of the Provincial Education Department for their visit and guidance, and stated that they would fully promote cooperation with Israeli universities in accordance with the instructions of Secretary Lou Yangsheng and Vice Governor Wu Wei, regularly report the work progress, and actively implement the tasks and measures of Shanxi’s opening-up on education to the outside world.

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