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A Group Wedding Ceremony Receives Blessings During the 119th Birthday of TYUT

       May 6th marks the 119th anniversary of Taiyuan University of Technology. Dressed in white wedding dresses and black suits, eight couples from College of Safety and Emergency Management Engineering hold a group wedding in front of the whole school and the alumni.

The beautiful scenery and the lively atmosphere in Mingxiang campus give meaning to this special wedding. Eight couples ride on the decorated wedding cars throughout the campus and take group photos. Guided by six flower girls, the eight couples make their way across the stage and exchange vows in front of the whole school. During the 119th anniversary of TYUT, the newly-married couples wish to make contribution to the construction and development of the school.

  Zheng Qiang, Secretaty of CPC committee of TYUT, and Huang Qingxue,academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of TYUT, present best wishes to the eight couples and issue the memorable certificates of group wedding.

        It is the first time that TYUT holds a collective wedding, the eight couples show that they will never forget this meaningful wedding ceremony in the School Day.

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