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A Parade with the Theme of "Learning the Party History for CPC Centenary, Stay in Line with the Spirit of the CPC"

    On the occasion of the Party history learning throughout the Party and the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, on June 19, the university organized a parade with the theme of "learning the Party history for CPC centenary, stay in line with the spirit of the CPC " in Mingxiang campus. The activity aims to innovate the forms and achieve the effectiveness of Party history learning, further strengthen the ideals and beliefs and boost patriotism of the youths, as well as create a great atmosphere for Party history learning in the whole university.

     Zheng Qiang, secretary of CPC committee of TYUT, Liu Runxiang, deputy secretary of CPC committee of TYUT, Zhai Jian, member of the Standing Committee and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of TYUT Party Committee, Lv Longkang, Wu Douqing, Feng Guorui, Sun Hongbing, members of the Standing Committee of TYUT Party Committee and vice presidents of TYUT,were present. Then heads of departments(units) and colleges and the representatives of teachers and students participated in the activity. The parade was hosted by Liu Runxiang.

    The Party history proves that “No Communist Party, No New China.” The parade began with the song of No Communist Party. Zheng Qiang announced that “the themed parade of Taiyuan University of Technology has officially started.”

    Taking the Party history for CPC centenary as the main line, the parade was divided into four chapters, including the course of saving the country, rejuvenating the country, enriching the country and strengthening the country. Each chapter consists of eight themes, including Sailing from the Red Boat, the Founding of AN Army, Resisting US Aggression and Aiding Korea, Missiles, Nuclear Bombs and the Artificial Satellite, the Reform and Opening-up, the Return of Hong Kong and Macao, the Decisive Victory of a Prosperous Society and the Belt and Road Initiatives. The 32 floats themed on major historical events and achievements epitomized the glorious history and achievements of the Party during the past 100 years and showed the magnificent history of the Party in an all-round way.

     With the theme of " learning the Party history for CPC centenary, stay in line with the spirit of the CPC ", the themed float drove slowly. The escort team, dressing in neat military uniform, guarded the bright Party flag and strided forward across the auditorium.

    The eight floats and parade teams with the theme of sailing from Red Boat, war of liberation… opened the first chapter-----the great course of saving the country, showing the difficult process of the Communist Party of China in exploring the road of Chinese revolution.

    In the second chapter of "the great course of rejuvenating the country", the themed floats and parade teams, such as "resist US aggression and aid Korea", "the Basic System of Socialism", " Missiles, Nuclear Bombs and the Artificial Satellite ", "New China Diplomacy", "emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts", showed the historic achievements of socialist construction after the founding of new China.

    The third chapter " the great course of enriching the country", with the theme of "reform and opening up", "women's volleyball spirit", "the return of Hong Kong and Macao", "Beijing Olympic Games"…, fully demonstrated the continuously historical breakthroughs and achievements under the leadership of Party in the period of reform and opening-up and socialist modernization construction.

     In the fourth chapter----the great course of strengthening the country, “the Belt and Road Initiatives”, “the decisive victory of a prosperous society” "Xi Jinping thought on the socialism with Chinese characteristics in new era…”, the themed floats and parade teams showed that the Communist Party of China united and led the Chinese people to usher in the great leap of the Chinese nation from being rich to being strong in the new era, and ushered in the bright prospect of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

    The warm scene, bright theme, creative floats, colorful and vivid performance presented a feast with Party history and culture for the teachers and students. Everyone said that they would strengthen confidence in the Party history learning, conquer difficulties in carrying forward the spirit of the new era, and pioneer in the inheritance of Party spirits.

    This activity aims to guide the majority of teachers and students to eulogize the great achievements of the Communist Party of China and enhance the sense of mission, responsibility and honor of young students. Young students will try their best to make contributions to the construction of "double first- class" of TYUT with practical action at the new historical starting point, and celebrate the centenary of the founding of the Party with outstanding achievements.

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