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Strategic Research on Shanxi Energy Internet Development Officially Launched

On the morning of December 26, Strategic Research on Shanxi Energy Internet Development, one of the major strategic consulting projects from Shanxi Institute of Chines Engineering Development Strategies, was held in the  room 316 of the administrative building in Yingxi campus. The meeting was conducted online and offline, and many experts and scholars attended the discussion.



Yu Yingjie, Vice Governor of Shanxi Province, expressed his gratitude to the academicians and experts for their long-term support to Shanxi's work on behalf of the People's Government of Shanxi Province, and congratulated the official launch of the project. He said that the CPC Committee and the People's Government of Shanxi province attached great importance to the development of Energy Internet and strived to build the Energy Internet demonstration zone.


Lu Ming, executive director of Shanxi Institute of Chines Engineering Development Strategies, introduced the construction and development of the institute. He said that as an important energy base in China, Shanxi is also a pilot zone for national resource-based economic transformation and production reform. It plays an important role in promoting the transformation and development of a resource-based economy. Transformation and development, especially comprehensive reforms in the energy sector, is not only the fundamental and the only way for Shanxis development, but also the only way to achieve the "dual carbon" goal. He said that Shanxi Institute of Chines Engineering Development Strategies will conscientiously do a good job in daily work, and actively provide first-class working environment and various supports for academicians, experts and teams to promote Shanxi's economic and social development with high quality and level.

Sun Hongbin, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and Vice President of TYUT, gave a report on the project content and progress, reviewed the preparation and background of the project, introduced the specific conditions of the project, and clarified the concept and structure of the Energy Internet. He pointed out that the construction of the Energy Internet is a major requirement of Shanxi's energy revolution. In combination with future development planning, he hopes that new and transformative technologies can be embedded into the construction of Shanxi Energy Internet.

To do well in the top-level design of the Shanxi Energy Internet project, the Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute, Tsinghua University, and TYUT jointly applied for the major strategic consulting project "Shanxi Energy Internet Development Strategy Research" in June this year and completed it in September. The project will analyze the development status of energy Internet at home and abroad and the shortcomings and problems of Shanxi Energy Internet, and carry out research on the development, system and implementation path of Shanxi Energy Internet, so as to systematically improve the clean and efficient utilization of fossil energy and the large-scale consumption of renewable energy, build a demonstration zone for energy production, consumption, system, and technological revolution in Shanxi Province, and support the achievement of Shanxi's "dual carbon" goal. The project carries out the chief scientist responsibility system, with Sun Hongbin as the chief scientist. At present, with the efforts from Professor Hongbin Sun and more than 70 experts and scholars in related fields, the project has formed a "1+3+N" pilot construction  plan through investigation.


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