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The 2022 TYUT New Year's Concert Grandly Staged


On the evening of December 28th, the Shanxi Grand Theater was dazzling with lights, flowers, and melodious sounds. The 2022 TYUTs New Year Concert was held as scheduled to present the Partys centenary and to welcome the 120th anniversary of the founding of TYUT.


Zheng Qiang delivered a speech on behalf of the school, extending his New Year greetings to all the alumni, teachers and students of the university, and expressing his heartfelt thanks to all sectors of the society for their care and support to TYUT over the years. He said that in the past year, under the leadership of the CPC Committee and the Provincial Government, as well as the support of the Department of Education of Shanxi and support from Taiyuan, Jinzhong, Lvliang, and Datong, TYUT successfully passed the examination and have a excellent performance in the Double First Class construction. It is with the great motherland that the beautiful Shanxi has developed and TYUT is flourishing. Next year is the starting point of the second centenary journey and also the 120th anniversary of the founding of TYUT. All teachers and students are full of endless yearning for the new year. TYUT will use the most melodious music to praise the great Party and the great motherland, and welcome the arrival of the new year.




The performance scene is magnificent: the orchestra conductor and the orchestra cooperate tacitly; the repertoire is unique in the arrangement; the beautiful melody  makes the audience enjoyable. The climax of the performance is constant, and the power of the classics could travel through time and space, giving people a spiritual baptism.



This concert is hosted by TYUT and co-hosted by the Art College of TYUT and Shanxi Symphony Orchestra. This is also the second time that a New Year's concert has been held at the Shanxi Grand Theater. Chinas famous young conductor Ouyang Wangjian served as the conductor of the show. The famous young soprano and national first-class actor Wang Li, tenor Liu Hang, and the young tenor and national second-class actor Jia Fei performed with great affection.


After the performance, the live and online audience spoke highly of the concert. Everyone believes that this is a high-level musical feast. The wonderful performance not only shows the charm of music, but also conveys the high-spirited attitude of TYUT in its new journey. The beautiful music makes people have a long aftertaste.




The concert was also broadcast live simultaneously through the official account of WeChat, Weibo, Kwai, TikTok, BliBli, and Xinhua net of Shanxi. The total number of online viewers reached 1.098 million. China Mobile Taiyuan branch provide network support throughout the whole show. People from all walks of life, including the Shanxi provincial federation of returned overseas Chinese, Shanxi Huizhong Co., Ltd. have also given great support to the concert in a variety of ways.




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