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50-Day Countdown to the 120th Anniversary of TYUT

March 17 marks the 50-day countdown to the 120th anniversary of TYUT. With the theme of My Alma Mater and Me, representatives of teachers and student came to Mingxiang campus and joined the theme activity.

Zou Jianwen, representative of strategic cooperation units and vice president of Shanxi Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China(ICBC), Han Yanbin, general manager of institutional finance department of Shanxi Branch of ICBC, and Bai Weihong, manager of institutional department of Taiyuan branch of ICBC, were invited to participate in the theme activity. Zheng Qiang,secretary of the CPC committee of TYUT, Liu Runxiang, deputy secretary of the CPC committee of TYUT, and Wu Douqing, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC committee and vice president of TYUT, witnessed this important moment together with the on-site teachers and students.

This activity aims to celebrate the 120th anniversary of TYUT with high art. During the 120 years, the spirit and culture of TYUT have been rooted in the hearts of teachers and students. As the important anniversary is approaching, the whole university organized the activity with the charm of artists.

Zou Jianwen highly praised TYUT for its academic and artistic construction, talent cultivation and moral education. He pointed out that TYUT, with a long history, profound heritage and distinctive characteristics, has been committed to promoting the high-quality development of education in Shanxi over years, and has been a leading university that services regional economic development and social progress. He said that Shanxi Branch of ICBC will actively serve the strategy of "develop the country through science and education" and "strengthening the country through talents",work for the construction of digital campus with science, technology and finance, deeply expand the integration of education and finance, and jointly explore a new engine for the transformation of scientific research and a new highland of innovative talents with TYUT.

Zheng Qiang thanked Shanxi Branch of ICBC for donating a piano and its long-term support to TYUT. He stressed that at the important time node of the 50 day countdown to the 120th anniversary of TYUT,the theme activity is of great significance. He pointed out that aesthetic education is related to the construction of campus culture and spiritual civilization. TYUT always attaches great importance to aesthetic education.Students can not only acquire professional knowledge, but also receive aesthetic education.Taiyuan University of Technology will always practice the concept of "educating people with aesthetics", strive to cultivate students' noble sentiment and aesthetic capability, and forge ahead towards the goal of building a comprehensive,research-oriented, and high-level university.

During the theme activity, Shanxi Branch of ICBC donated a SEILER piano to the school. Liu Runxiang presented the donation certificate toShanxi Branch of  ICBC.

The piano solo The Story of Spring by the teacher from the College of Arts was magnificent and touching.

Representatives of teachers and students recited the lyrics of the new version of school song together.

Representatives of teachers,students and retired comrades sang the new version of the school song. The music was solemn and magnificent, showing the historical, cultural and spiritual connotation of the university.

The theme activity was presided over by Wu Douqing. The theme activity came to a successful conclusion with a cheerful and passionate Mayila Variation.

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