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HAN Peide

HAN Peide

Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Materials Science and Engineering

Research Direction (研究方向)

(1) Material Design and Simulation

(2) Stainless Steel

(3) Corrosion and Protection of Materials



(1) Qian Zhang, Ying Liu, Ting Liao, Caili Zhang, Xiaolei Wu, Yongsheng Liu, Muhammad Saqlain Qurashi, Feng Zheng, Qingsong Song, Peide Han*. Graphene/Cu composites: electronic and mechanical properties by first-principles calculation. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2019, 231:188-195. (SCI)

(2) Zheng Yanxin, Liu Ying, Zheng Feng, Song Qingsong, Zhang Caili, Wang Jian, Dong Nan, Shi Aijuan, Han Peide*. Effects of iron content on tribological properties of Cu-Fe-based friction material. Industrial Lubrication and Tribology, 2019, Accept. (SCI)

(3) Niu Yanan, Hu Huijun, Zhang Wenshu, Li Jianguo, Qiao Liqing, Dong Nan, Han Peide*. First-principle study of electronic structure and optical properties of SiC nano films. Semiconductor Science and Technology, 2019, Accept. (SCI)

(4) Huo Li, Su Fangyuan, Yi Zonglin, Cui Guangyu, Zhang Caili, Dong Nan, Chen Chengmeng, Han peide*. The First Principles Studies of Li Nucleation on Double-layered Defective Graphene. ChemElectroChem, 2018, 5: 1-9. (SCI)

(5) Yongsheng Liu, Ying Liu, Qian Zhang, Caili Zhang, Jian Wang, Yanxia Wu, Peide Han*, Zhipeng Gao, Liping Wang, Xiaolei Wu. Control of the microstructure and mechanical properties of electrodeposited graphene/Ni composite. Materials Science & Engineering A, 2018, 727: 133-139.

(6) Yong Zhang, Aijuan Shi, Ping Liang, Jian Wang, Haojie Meng, Caili Zhang, Zhuxia Zhang, Peide Han*, High-temperature initial oxidation behavior in LDX 2101. Steel. Research. Int. 2018, 180083.

(7) Wanli Chen, Jian Wang, Jianchun Li, Yanxin Zheng, Huabing Li, Ying Liu, Peide Han*. Effect of the Rotation Speed during Friction Stir Welding on the Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of SAF 2707 Hyper Duplex Stainless Steel. Steel Research International, 2017:1700425.

(8) Zhang Wenshu, Hu Huijun, Zhang Caili, Li Jianguo, Li Yuping, Ling Lixia, Han Peide, The structural and optical properties of Y (Y =Al, B, Si and Ti)-doped ZnO nano thin films from the First principles calculations, Materials Research Express. 2017, 4: 125004 (SCI).

(9) Qian Zhang, Ying Liu, Yongsheng Liu, Peide Han*. Enhanced tensile ductility and strength of electrodeposited ultrafine-grained nickel with a desired bimodal microstructure. [J] Materials Science & Engineering A, 2017, 701196–202.

(10) Dong Nan, Qiao Yongfeng, Zhang Caili, Wang Jian, Fan Guangwei, Fang Xudong, Han peide*. Combined experiment and first-principles study of the formation of the Al2O3 layer in alumina-forming austenitic stainless steel. RSC Advances, 2017, 7: 15727-15734. (SCI)

(11) Dong Nan, Zhang Caili, Li Huabing, Zhang Binbin, Han peide*. A combined experimental and first-principle study on the oxidation mechanism of super austenitic stainless steel S32654 at 900 °C. Scientific Reports, 2017, 7(1): 871. (SCI)

(12) Qiao Yongfeng, Wang Jian, Zhang Zhuxia, Quan Xin, Liu Jie, Fang Xudong, Han peide*. Improved oxidation resistance of a new aluminum-containing austenitic stainless steel at 800 C in Air. Oxidation of Metals, 2017, 88(3-4): 301-314. (SCI)

(13) Liu Xinglong, Zhang Caili, Li Jianchun, Chen Wanli, Zheng Yanxin, Li Huabing, Han peide*. Effect of solution annealing on microstructure evolution and pitting corrosion resistance of SAF2906 super duplex stainless steel, Steel Research International. 2017, 88(11): 1700023. (SCI)

(14) Hu Yadi, Li Yuping, He Yan, Wang Jian, Liu Xinglong, Zhang Yong, Han peide*. Effects of micro-sized ferrite and austenite grains on the pitting corrosion behavior of lean duplex stainless steel 2101. Metals, 2017, 7(5):168. (SCI)

(15) Sun Qi, Wang Jian, Li Huabing, Li Yue, Hu Yadi, Bai Jingang, Han peide*. χ phase after short-term aging and corrosion behavior in 2205 duplex stainless steel. Journal of Iron and Steel Research, International, 2016, 23(10): 1071-1079. (SCI)

(16) Huang Hui, Zhang Caili, Liu Jie, Li Yue, Fang Xudong, Li Jianchun, Han peide*. First-principles study on structural stability and segregation behavior of g-Fe/Cr2N interface with alloying additives M (M = Mn, V, Ti, Mo, Ni). Metals, 2016, 156(6): 1-15. (SCI)


Major Selection (招生专业)

Materials Science and Engineering, Material physics and chemistry, Metallurgical Engineering, and other related disciplines


Contact: (联系方式)

E-mailhanpeide@126.com; hanpeide@tyut.edu.cn

Phone+86 13934661730; +86 351 6010533

Address: College of Materials Science and Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology, No. 79, West Yingze Street, Wanbolin District, Taiyuan 030024, China

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