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JIA Husheng

JIA Husheng

Professor, born in 1964, got his PhD from Northwestern Polytechnical University in 1996.


Research Direction (研究方向)

(1) New energy materials and devices

(2) Solar photocatalytic material

(3) Ecological environment material



1. J.X. Zhou, J.B. Xue*, Q.L. Pan, X.F. Yang, Q.Q. Shen, T. Ma, X.G. Liu, H.S. Jia*. A gas bubble exfoliation method to prepare g-C3N4 nanosheets with enhanced photocatalytic activities, Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology A: Chemistry 372, 147, (2019).

2. Q.Q. Shen, Y. Wang, J.B. Xue*, G.X. Gao, X.G. Liu, H.S. Jia*, Q. Li, B.S. Xu. The dual effects of RGO films in TiO2/CdSe heterojunction: Enhancing photocatalytic activity and improving photocorrosion resistance, Applied Surface Science 481, 1515 (2019).

3. J.B. Xue*, M.Z. Shao, Q.Q. Shen, X.G. Liu, H.S. Jia*. Electrodeposition of Cu2O Nanocrystalline on TiO2 Nanosheet Arrays by Chronopotentiometry for Improvement of Photoelectrochemical Properties, Ceramics International 44, 11039, (2018).

4. B. Cui, L.P. Yan, H.M. Gu, Y.Z. Yang*, X.G. Liu, C.Q. Ma , Y.K. Chen, H.S. Jia*. Fluorescent carbon quantum dots synthesized by chemical vapor deposition:An alternative candidate for electron acceptor in polymer solar cells, Optical of Materials 75, 166 (2018).

5. Q.Q. Shen, J.B. Xue*, H.C. Zhao, M.Z. Shao, X.G. Liu, H.S. Jia*. The Role of Crystalline TiO2 Nanoparticle in Enhancing the Photocatalytic and Photoelectrocatalytic Properties of CdS Nanorods, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 695, 1080 (2017).

6. Q.Q. Shen, J.B. Xue*, X.G. Liu, H.S. Jia*, X.F. Yang, B.S. Xu. The influence of DMSO on the formation and photoelectrochemical properties of CdS thin films by electrodeposition method, J Solid State Electrochem 21, 19 (2017).

7. H.R. Liu*, C.J. Hu, H.F. Zhai, J. Yang, X.G. Liu, H.S. Jia*. Fabrication of In2O3/ZnO@Ag nanowire ternarycomposites with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity, RSC Advances 7, 37220 (2017).

8. B.Wang, A. Q. Zhang*, X. F. Yang, Q. Wang, Q.Q. Shen, X.G. Liu, H.S. Jia*. A remote phosphor film of silicate-poly(styrene-co-glycidylmethacrylate) composites for NUV chip-based white LED, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 729, 117 (2017).

9. B.Wang, A. Q. Zhang*, J. Jia, W. Xu, Q.Q. Shen, X.G. Liu, H.S. Jia*. A novel red emitting polymeric complex as a directly film-forming phosphor applied in NUV-based LEDs, Opticals Materials 73, 772 (2017).

10. J. Jia, A.Q. Zhang*, D.X. Li, X.G. Liu, B.S. Xu, H.S. Jia*. Preparation and properties of the flexible remote phosphor film for blue chip-based white LED, Materials and Design 102, 8 (2016).

11. Q.Q. Shen, J.B. Xue*, J. Liu, X.G. Liu, H.S. Jia*, B.S. Xu. Enhancing efficiency of CdS/TiO2 nanorod arrays solar cell through improving the hydrophilicity of TiO2 nanorod surfaced, Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 136, 206 (2015).

12. A.Q. Zhang*, N.Q. Sun, L.P. Li, Y.M. Yang, X.J. Zhao, H.S. Jia*, X.G. Liu, B.S. Xu. Tunable white light emission of Eu,Tb,Zn-containing copolymers by RAFT polymerizatio, Journal of Materials Chemistry C 3, 9933 (2015).

13. H.R. Liu*, Y.C. Hu, X. He, H.S. Jia*, X.G. Liu, B.S. Xu. In-situ anion exchange fabrication of porous ZnO/ZnSe heterostructural microspheres with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity. Journal of Alloysand Compounds 650, 633 (2015).

14. Y.Q. Miao, Z.X. Gao, H. Wang, H.S. Jia*, X.G. Liu, B.S. Xu, B. Wei. Extremely high chromatic-stability white organic light-emitting device with symmetrical cascade emissive layer. Organic Electronics 23, 199 (2015).

15. Z.F. Zhang, H.R. Liu, H. Zhang, H.L. Dong, X.G. Liu, H.S. Jia*, B.S. Xu. Synthesis of spindle-like Ag/ZnO heterostructure composites with enhanced photocatalytic performance. Superlattices and Microstructures 65, 134 (2014).

16. Z.F. Zhang, Y. Li, K.F. Li, K. Chen, Y.Z.Yang, X.G. Liu, H.S. Jia*, B.S. Xu. Growth and characterization of flower-like Ag/ZnO heterostructure composites with enhanced photocatalytic performance. Journal of Materials Science 49, 2347 (2014).

17. Q.Q. Shen, J.B. Xue, J. Liu, H.S. Jia*, X.G. Liu, B.S. Xu. Shape-controlled synthesis of three-dimensional branched CdS nanostructure arrays:structural characteristics and formation mechanism. CrystEngComm 15, 1007 (2013).

18. Q.Q. Shen, J.B. Xue, A.M. Mi, H.S. Jia*, X.G. Liu, B.S. Xu. The study on properties of CdS photocatalyst with different ratios of zinc-blende and wurtzite structure. RSC Advances 3, 20930 (2013).

19. H.R. Liu, G.X. Shao, J.F. Zhao, Z.X. Zhang, Y. Zhang, J. Liang, X.G. Liu, H.S. Jia*, B.S. Xu. Worm-Like Ag/ZnO Core-Shell Heterostructural Composites: Fabrication, Characterization, and Photocatalysis. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 30, 16182 (2012).

20. H.R. Liu, J. Liang, X.G. Liu, H.S. Jia*, B.S. Xu. Self-assembly of indium phosphide with an urchin-like architecture through a hydrothermal route. Materials Letters 82, 95 (2012).


Major Selection (招生专业)

Materials Science and Engineering;


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Address: No. 79 West Yingze Street, Taiyuan 030024, Shanxi, China


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