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Professor of Metallic Materials and Engineering, College of Materials Science and Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology.

Director of Instrumental Analyses Center, Taiyuan University of Technology.

Director of Shanxi Key Laboratory of Advanced Magnesium-based Materials.

President of Electron Microscopy Society of Shanxi.


Research Directions

(1) Design and processing of new magnesium alloys

(2) Fabrication and forming of metal composites

(3) Strengthening and toughening of stainless steels

(4) Design and structural characterization of energy materials


Current Publications:

[1] Huihu Lu, Wenqi Li, Lingyun Du, Hongkui Guo, Wei Liang*, Wanggang Zhang, Zhenguang Liu. The effects of martensitic transformation and (Fe, Cr)23C6 precipitation on the properties of transformable ferritic stainless steel. Materials Science and Engineering: A. 754C (2019) 502-511.

[2] HuiHu Lu, HongKui Guo, LingYun Du, ZhenGuang Liu, JianChun Li, Wei Liang*. Formation of intermetallics and its effect on microstructure and mechanical properties of 27Cr-4Mo-2Ni super ferritic steels. Materials Characterization. 151C (2019) 470-479.

[3] Wanggang Zhang, Yiming Liu, Wenyi Li, Wei Liang*, Fuqian Yang. Au nanocrystals decorated TiO2 nanotube arrays as anode material for lithium ion batteries. Applied Surface Science. 476C (2019) 948-958.

[4] HuiHu Lu, HongKui Guo, WangGang Zhang, Wei Liang*. Improving the mechanical properties of the ASIS 430 stainless steels by using Q&P and Q&T processes. Materials Letters. 240C (2019) 275-278.

[5] Huihui Nie, Wei Liang*, Hongsheng Chen, Fei Wang, Taotao Li, Chengzhong Chi, Xianrong Li. A coupled EBSD/TEM study on the interfacial structure of Al/Mg/Al laminates. Journal of Alloys and Compounds. 781C (2019) 696-701.

[6] Xinwei Hao, Huihui Nie, Zhe Ye, Yi Luo, Liuwei Zheng, Wei Liang*. Mechanical properties of a novel fiber metal laminate based on a carbon fiber reinforced Zn-Al alloy composite. Materials Science & Engineering A. 740-741C (2019) 218-225.

[7] HongKui Guo, HuiHu Lu, WangGang Zhang, LiXin Meng, Wei Liang*. Cooling effects on microstructure and mechanical properties of 27Cr–4Mo–2Ni ferritic stainless steel. Materials Science and Technology. 21 May 2019. https://doi.org/10.1080/02670836.2019.1618047.

[8] HuiHu Lu, Yi Luo, HongKui Guo, WenQi Li, Jian-Chun Li, Wei Liang*. Microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of 27Cr-4Mo-2Ni ferritic stainless steel during isothermal aging. Materials Science & Engineering A. 735C (2018) 31-39.

[9] Huihui Nie, Wei Liang*, Hongsheng Chen, Liuwei Zheng, Chengzhong Chi, Xianrong Li. Effect of annealing on the microstructures and mechanical properties of Al/Mg/Al laminates. Materials Science & Engineering A. 732C (2018) 6-13.

[10] Taotao Li, Ning Dang, Miaomiao Liang, Chunli Guo, Huihu Lu, Jingyu Ma, Wei Liang*. TEM observation of general growth behavior for silver electroplating on copper rod. Applied Surface Science. 34 (2018) 1564-1569.

[11] Hui Wang, Wei Liang*, Wanggang Zhang, Diaoyu Zhou. Preparation and photoelectric properties of Pt/TiO2 nanotube electrodes by a pre-doping method. Thin Solid Films. 653C (2018) 101-106.

[12] Liuwei Zheng, Huihui Nie, Wanggang Zhang, Wei Liang*, Yide Wang. Microstructural refinement and improvement of mechanical properties of hot-rolled Mg-3Al-Zn alloy sheets subjected to pre-extrusion and Al-Si alloying. Materials Science & Engineering A. 722C (2018) 58-68.

[13] Dai Zuo, Taotao Li, Wei Liang*, Xiyu Wen, Fuqian Yang. Microstructures and mechanical behavior of magnesium processed by ECAP at ice-water temperature. Journal of Physics D-applied Physics. 51(2018)185302.

[14] Zilong Zhao, Xuegang Xing, Jinyu Ma, Liping Bian, Wei Liang*, Yide Wang. Effect of addition of Al-Si eutectic alloy on microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg-12wt%Li alloy. Journal of Materials Science & Technology. 34(2018) 1564-1569.

[15] Litao Kang*, Mangwei Cui, Fuyi Jiang, Yanfeng Gao, Hongjie Luo, Jianjun Liu, Wei Liang*, Chunyi Zhi. Nanoporous CaCO3 Coatings Enabled Uniform Zn Stripping/Plating for Long-Life Zinc Rechargeable Aqueous Batteries. Advanced Energy Materials. 8(2018)1614-6832.

[16] Weiwei Lei, Wei Liang*, Hongxia Wang, Yanhao Sun. Effect of annealing on the texture and mechanical properties of pure Mg by ECAP at room temperature. Vacuum. 144C (2017) 281-285.

[17] Huihui Nie, Wei Liang*, Hongsheng Chen, XinWei Hao, Chengzhong Chi, Xianrong Li. Vacuum hot pressed AZ31/UCF/AZ31 composite sheets: Microstructure and mechanical properties. Vacuum. 144C (2017) 247-255.

[18] Hui Wang, Wei Liang*, Wanggang Zhang, Diaoyu Zhou. Photoelectric performance of TiO2 nanotube array film of highly transparent vs nontransparent on FTO glass. Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing. 71C (2017) 50-53.

[19] Diaoyu Zhou, Yiming Liu, Wanggang Zhang, Wei Liang*, Fuqian Yang. Au-TiO2 nanofilms for enhanced photocatalytic activity. Thin Solid Films. 636C (2017) 490-498.

[20] Zilong Zhao, Ziwei Sun, Wei Liang*, Yide Wang, Liping Bian. Influence of Al and Si additions on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg-4Li alloys. Materials Science & Engineering A. 702C (2017) 206-217.


Major Selection:

Materials science and engineering,

Metallic materials and processing

Electron microscopy for materials science




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Address: 79 West Yingze Street, Taiyuan 030024, Shanxi, P. R. China


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