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LIU Xuguang

LIU Xuguang

Professor, College of Materials Science and Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology


Research Direction (研究方向)

(1) Nano-carbon Functional Materials

(2) Nano Photoelectric Materials



[1] Yuanfei Ding, Jingxia Zheng, Junli Wang, Yongzhen Yang*, Xuguang Liu*. Direct blending of multicolor carbon quantum dots into fluorescent film for white light emitting diodes with adjustable correlated color temperature. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2019, 7: 1502-1509.

[2] Meiling Wang*, Mingzhu Cui, Weifeng Liu, Xuguang Liu*. Highly dispersed conductive polypyrrole hydrogels as sensitive sensor for simultaneous determination of ascorbic acid, dopamine and uric acid. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2019, 832: 174-181.

[3] Jin Li, Li-Chun Xu, Yongzhen Yang, Xuguang Liu*, Zhi Yang*. The transport and optoelectronic properties of γ-graphyne-based molecular magnetic tunnel junctions. Carbon, 2018, 132: 632-640.

[4] Jiacong Xu, Yanqin Miao, Jingxia Zheng, Yongzhen Yang*, Xuguang Liu*. Ultrahigh brightness carbon dot-based blue electroluminescent LEDs by host-guest energy transfer emission mechanism. Advanced Optical Materials, 2018, 1800181.

[5] Jiacong Xu, Yanqin Miao, Jingxia Zheng, Hua Wang, Yongzhen Yang*, Xuguang Liu*. Carbon dot-based white and yellow electroluminescent light emitting diodes with a record-breaking brightness. Nanoscale, 2018, 10: 11211–11221.

[6] Junli Wang, Feng Zhang, Yaling Wang, Yongzhen Yang*, Xuguang Liu*. Efficient resistance against solid-state quenching of carbon dots towards white light emitting diodes by physical embedding into silica. Carbon, 2018, 126: 426–436.

[7] Lin Chen, Huan Zhang, Zheng Jing, Yu Shiping, Du Jinglei, Yongzhen Yang*, Xuguang Liu*. Thermo-sensitively and magnetically ordered mesoporous carbon nanospheres for targeted controlled drug release and hyperthermia application. Materials Science & Engineering C, 2018, 84:21-31.

[8] Weifeng Liu, Lei Qin, Zhuolin An, Lin Chen, Xuguang Liu*, Yongzhen Yang*, Bingshe Xu. Thermo-responsive ion imprinted polymer on the surface of magnetic carbon microspheres for identification and removal of low-concentrations of Cu2+. Environmental Chemistry, 2018, 15(5): 306-316.

[9] Jingxia Zheng, Yaling Wang, Feng Zhang, Yongzhen Yang*, Xuguang Liu*, Kunpeng Guo*, Hua Wang, Bingshe Xu. Microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of solid-state carbon dots with intensive emission for white light-emitting devices. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2017, 5: 8105‒8111.

[10] Yuanfei Ding, Feng Zhang, Jiacong Xu, Yanqin Miao, Yongzhen Yang*, Xuguang Liu*, Bingshe Xu. Synthesis of short-chain passivated carbon quantum dots as the light emitting layer towards electroluminescence. RSC Advances, 2017, 7: 28754‒28762.


Major Selection (招生专业)

Material Science and Engineering





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