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WANG Hongxia









WANG Hongxia

Professor & Ph.D. Supervisor.


She was born in Huairen, Shanxi Province on March 1974. She engaged in teaching and research in the molding and control of material processing in the department of materials science and engineering in 1999.  She was awarded one of the top ten outstanding intellectual women in Taiyuan University of Technology in 2011,  the outstanding advisor for the big innovation project of Taiyuan University of Technology in 2015, and the outstanding advisor for undergraduate thesis in 2016.


Research Direction (研究方向)

Composition design, liquid forming, large plastic deformation, performance optimization and application development of light alloys based on magnesium alloys and their composites

(1) Microalloying and liquid forming of magnesium alloy

(2) Preparation and toughening of magnesium matrix composites reinforced by nanoparticles

(3) Large plastic deformation bulk with ultrafine material

(4) Corrosion and surface modification of magnesium based materials (2)



The composition design, liquid forming, large plastic deformation and nano-particle reinforced of light alloys based on magnesium matrix and their composites were studied in detail. She hosted 1 national natural science youth fund project, 4 provincial and municipal scientific research projects, and participated in more than 10 projects including national natural science fund, provincial natural science fund, provincial cooperation and returned overseas study fund. In addition, 60 papers have been published in major academic publications such as Materials Science and Engineering: A, Journal of Alloys and Compounds et al., and more than 30 papers have been collected by SCI and EI. She obtained 7 invention patents, 1 provincial 2nd prize of natural science, 1 provincial 3rd prize of technological invention and scientific and technological progress, and 3 provincial 2nd prize of scientific and technological progress.



[1]    Xiaofeng Niu, Gang Li , Zengyao Zhang, Pengwen Zhou , Hongxia Wang* , Shaoxiong Zhang , Weili Cheng. Simultaneously improving the strength and ductility of extruded bimodal size SiCp/AZ61 composites: Synergistic effect of micron/nano SiCp and submicron Mg17Al12 precipitates [J]. Materials Science and Engineering: A, 2019, 743207-216

[2] Li Ming, Chen Qiang, Zhao Gaozhan, Huang Zhiwei, Tao Jianquan, Wan Yuanyuan, Wang Hongxia*. Superior creep behavior of n-SiCp/Mg-9%Al composites fabricated by ultrasonic-assisted semi-solid hot pressing of powder. APPLIED PHYSICS A-MATERIALS SCIENCE & PROCESSING,2019,125(2): 75

[3]  Lei Weiwei, Zhu Derong, WangHongxia*, Liang, Wei. Analysis of microstructure and properties of commercially cast Mg after a single room-temperature ECAP.MATERIALS RESEARCH EXPRESS,2019,6(2): 026521 ,DOI: 10.1088/2053-1591/aaeb7e

[4]  NiuXiaofeng, Song Zhenliang,Fang Zhao, Hu Lei, Wang Hongxia*, Zhao Jingyu, BoYanqiang. Numerical Simulation of Casting Filling Process of Composites Reinforced with Nano SiC Based on Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics. JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY, 2018, 18(12): 8169-8177

[5]    Li, Gang, Li Ming , Wang Hongxia*, Zhang, Zengyao, Cheng Weili, Liang Wei, Zhang Changjiang. Dependence of microstructure characteristics and mechanical properties on nanosize SiCp contents in Mg-9Al matrix composites fabricated by ultrasonic-assisted semisolid powder hot pressing. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS RESEARCH, 2018, 33 (18): 2689-2699.

[6]  Zhou Pengwen, Wang Hongxia*, Nie Huihui, Cheng Weili, Niu Xiaofeng, Wang Zhiwen, Liang Wei. Effect of ECAP temperature on precipitation and strengthening mechanisms of Mg-9Al-1Si alloys. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS RESEARCH, 2018, 33(12) :1822-1829.

[7]  Shaoxiong Zhang , Ming Li , Hongxia Wang*, Weili Cheng* , Weiwei Lei , Yiming Liu, Wei Liang. Microstructure and Tensile Properties of ECAPed Mg-9Al-1Si-1SiC Composites: The Influence of Initial Microstructures. Materials, 2018, 11(1), 136-146

[8]  Lei Weiwei , LiangWei, Wang Hongxia*, Sun Yanhao. Effect of annealing on the texture and mechanical properties of pure Mg by ECAP at room temperature.VACUUM, 2017, 144: 281-285

[9]  Ming Li, Zhiwei Huang, Gaozhan Zhao, Hongxia Wang*, Jianquan Tao, Yuanyuan Wan.Effects of temperature field and SiC nanoparticles on microstructure and mechanical properties of n-SiCp/Mg-9%Al composites fabricated by ultrasonication-assisted semi-solid hot pressingofpowder. Int. J. Mater. Res., 2019(110:1-9 ,DOI 10.3139/146.111743(在线)


[10] Wanhua Wang, Hongxia Wang*, Yiming Liu, Huihui Nie. Effect of SiC nanoparticles addition on the microstructures and mechanical properties of ECAPed Mg9Al-1Si alloy. Journal of Materials Research, 2017, 32(3): 615-623

[11] Zhiwen Wang, Hongxia Wang*, Wanhua Wang, Guangxiao Ren, Kaibo Nie, Yiming Liu, Wei Liang. The effect of high Al content on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg-xAl alloys processed by equal channel angular pressing. International Journal of Materials Research, 2017, 108(1): 45-52

[12] Ming Li, Hongxia Wang*, Kaibo Nie, Yiming Liu, Wei Liang. Microstructure and tensile properties of n-SiCp /Mg-9%Al composites prepared by ultrasonic assisted hot pressing of powder. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 2017, 26(4): 1847-1855

[13]  Wang Wanhua, Wang Hongxia*, Ren Guangxiao, Cheng Weili, Zhang Shaoxiong. Effect of hot extrusion on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the SiCp/Mg-9Al-1Zn nano-composite fabricated by different stir time. Rare Metal Materials and Engineering, 2017, 46(10): 2847-2851

[14]  LI Guori, ZHAO Dong, ZHAO Yaojiang, ZHOU Bin, WANG Hongxia*. Interfacial Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al Alloy/Mg Alloy Laminated Composite Plates Fabricated by Equal Channel Angular Processing. Journal of Wuhan University of Technology (Materials Science), 2016, (02):417-421

[15] Cheng Weili, Wang, Weiwei,  Wang Hongxia*, Liu Yiming. Improved mechanical properties of ECAPed Mg-15Al alloy through Nd addition. Materials Science and Engineering A, 2015, 633: 63-68

[16] Hongxia Wang, Bin Zhou , Yuantao Zhao , Kangkang Zhou , Weili Cheng, WeiLiang*. Effect of Si addition on the microstructure and mechanical properties of ECAPed Mg-15Alalloy. Materials Science and Engineering A, 2014, 589: 119-124

[17] Hongxia Wang, Bin Yu, Weiwei Wang, Guangxiao Ren, Wei Liang*, Jinshan Zhang. Improved corrosion resistance of AZ91D magnesium alloy by a zinc-yttrium coating. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2014, 582: 457-460

[18]  Hongxia Wang, Kangkang Zhou, Guoyin Xie, Xingzhong Liang, Wei Liang*. Yuantao ZhaoMicrostructure and mechanical properties of an Mg-10Al alloy fabricated by Sb-alloying and ECAP processing. Materials Science and Engineering A, 2013, 560: 787-791


Authorized patent:

[1] Hongxia Wang, Xiaofeng Nin, Liping Bian, et al., A preparation method of carbon fiber reinforced aluminum base-like composite board, China, Z L 201310322759.7

[2] Hongxia Wang, Kunkun Deng, Xiaojun Wang, Kun Wu, A method for enhancing SiC particles doped with magnesium alloy, China, ZL201210236226.2


Scientific research awards:

[1]  Hongxia Wang, Kaibo Nie, Yiming Liu, et al., Key technologies and applications of low-content microcrystalline magnesium matrix composites, Shanxi science and technology department, Shanxi science and technology award (technical invention category), 3rd prize, 2016;

[1]  Wei Liang, Xiaoxia Ma, Hongxia Wang, et al., Theory predicts of TiAl alloy oxidation layer and the formation mechanism in the process of oxidation, Shanxi science and technology department, Shanxi Province natural science and technology prize, 2nd prize, 2008;


Major Selection (招生专业)

(1) Materials Science and Engineering

(2) Material Processing Engineering

(3) Advanced Materials Preparation and Processing


Contact: (联系方式)



Address: 79 Yingze West Street, Taiyuan


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